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Anti-wrinkle moisturiser with age-spot reduction

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Age Defy+ 24 Hour Brightening Moisturiser 30ml


Anti-wrinkle moisturiser with age-spot reduction

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Product Details

A revolutionary moisturiser with actives to deliver intense skin hydration and reduce age spots, fine lines and wrinkles

Enriched with 33 beauty-enhancing actives for a youthful you

Organic aroma infused with Palmarosa, Rosalina, Rose Geranium, Lavender and Red Mandarin.

Ingredients that we don't use in our products

The Age Defy+ range is made without sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, parabens, alcohol (ethyl alcohol/ethanol), methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, lanolin, propylene glycol, silicone, synthetic perfume, PABA sunscreen, petrochemicals, colourants, DEA, TEA, PEGs and all other unnecessary synthetic additives.

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Key Plant Actives

  • Pineapple

  • Beech Bud

  • Cucumber

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I use it once a day,smells nice and absorbs well,will recommend it to my elder friends.

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I like this product but isn't always enough for my dry cream so I sometimes mix it with the Facial Oil which feels lovely together. My skin looks good and my red skin is reduced.

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Absorbs easily

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Haven't been using this for long but seems to be doing the trick and fading out pigmentation.

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Love it

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Key Plant Actives


Pineapple extract is rich in the substance Bromelain which is a protein digesting enzyme.  Applied to the skin this enzyme breaks down the protein bonds (corneodesmosomes) that hold dead skin cells onto the surface of the stratum corneum. 

This allows excess dead cells to be shed from the skin, exposing younger, more vibrant cells and refining the complexion. 

  • ‘Invisible’ chemical exfoliation – intercellular ‘glue’ that attaches dead skin cells to the surface is broken down
  • Skin is refined and looks younger
  • Combined with ‘skin whitening’ plant complex with Hibiscus to enhance whitening effect

Also known as Ananas sativus fruit extract or Bromelain

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Beech Bud

This organic extract is obtained using a patented process from fresh buds of the Beech tree (also known as the Everlasting Youth Tree) which are especially rich in a range of phytostimulines including hormones, flavonoids and peptides which in turn stimulate cellular metabolism.

The fresh buds contain extremely rich energetic reserves which stimulate the metabolism of the cells.  An exceptional active ingredient, it:

  • Boosts the skin's metabolism
  • Smoothes the micro-relief of the epidermis
  • Restores the hydration of the skin

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Cucumber seeds are a rich source of Phenylalanine, one of the essential amino acids. 

Applied to the skin, this extract restricts the transfer of melanin into cells called melanosomes where the pigment would otherwise accumulate to give a darker appearance to skin. 

Cucumber Seed extract is used in conjunction with Mulberry Bark extract and Hibiscus Flower extract to form a complex that helps to:

  • Reduce skin pigmentation
  • Create a more even skin tone

Also known as: Cucumis sativus seed extract

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