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3 natural ways to help fight off flu

05/01/2018 by Hannah

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fighting winter flu

Have you been under the weather lately? Winter is a peak season for colds, flu and the Norovirus and, according to Public Health England, cases of flu are on the rise. The government is urging those eligible to consider getting vaccinated against flu. In addition to vaccines there are natural ways that you can boost your immunity this winter and here we reveal our top three ways to help fight off flu.


Did you know that the flu virus can live on hands and surfaces for an entire day[i]? This highly infectious virus is easily passed from person-to-person and, according to the NHS, you are more likely to pass it on within the first five days of developing symptoms of flu.

To protect yourself and others from the virus, it is advised that you practise good hand hygiene and regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water. Studies show that properly washing your hand with soap and water is as effective as using alcohol based sanitiser products so be sure to lather-up with our MANUKA & LEMON TEA TREE ANTIBACTERIAL HAND WASH to help keep your hands soft and germ-free. Thanks to the addition of Tea Tree & Manuka this powerful hand wash kills harmful bacteria in super quick time and, because it is free from SLS, Triclosan and irritating soap, it won’t dry out sensitive skin.

  • A powerful, pH-balanced, organic hand wash
  • Tea Tree & Manuka formula kills harmful bacteria fast
  • Free from alcohol, SLS, Triclosan and irritating soap
  • Cruelty free and Vegan Society approved


Young children can be particularly vulnerable to the flu virus and are one of the groups that are eligible for the influenza vaccine[ii]. Even if children are immunised against the virus they can still pass it on to others, so, to help the entire family stay flu-free, keep little hands clean at home and on-the-go by using our ORGANIC CHILDREN STICKY HAND SANITISER.

  • Cleans dirt, grime and germs with a squirt
  • Safe for use on sticky fingers, faces, toys and high chairs
  • A fruity, certified-organic formula made with Tea Tree extract for added antiseptic properties
  • Great for days out - 100ml bottle provides 200 squirts without the need for water
  • Cruelty free and Vegan Society approved


According to the NHS there are many stages of the flu. Symptoms can come on suddenly and may include a high feveri. To help keep flushed skin cool spray our TONING HYDRATING MIST over the face and body as often as required. Suitable for those who may be prone to eczema and psoriasis, this cooling spritz contains Marshmallow which is known for its skin-soothing properties. 

  • An instant hydration booster
  • Alcohol free and suitable for use on both the face and body
  • Certified organic and cruelty free
  • For optimum effect, keep it cool by storing in the fridge


Have you fought off the flu this winter? Let us know how our products helped at @greenpeopleuk or by commenting in the section below.