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7 summer make-up tips

23/07/2018 by Hannah

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Applying make-up in the summer can be a minefield. As the weather warms up, we face a triple threat of sweat, sun cream and skin problems that can leave us questioning our cosmetic choices. Planning on giving your cosmetic bag a summer makeover? Here we reveal our summer make-up essentials.


Does your make-up pass the SPF test? It’s wise to protect your skin from UV light all year round, but because UV light is strongest between April and September, it’s perhaps most important to protect your skin from sun light during the warmer months.

The best way to protect your skin from sunburn is to wear a broad-spectrum sun lotion. Our top tip is to look for summer make-up containing SPF15.


Worried that as your foundation needs will change as your summer tan develops? Worry not! Simply switch your foundation for a buildable tinted moisturiser made with skin tone-adapting mineral pigmentS.

Made with natural earth mineral pigments and SPF15, Green People’s DD creams are available in a choice of two shades. Our top tip is to mix them together to create a colour that is tailormade to match your tan all summer long.


Concerned that your make-up won’t stay put in humid or clammy conditions? Fix it in place whilst keeping shine at bay by applying our matte pressed mineral powder.

For best results sweep the powder across the cheeks using our ultra-soft Kabuki Brush, T-zone and nose and then fix it in place using a spritz of our alcohol-free Toning Mist.

  • Kabuki brush

    Kabuki Brush

    Vegan make-up brush for applying pressed powders



Does your mascara leave you prone to panda eyes? Hay fever, sweat or simply being in the sea or swimming pool can cause some mascaras to run, but applying a water-resistant mascara can help.

Green People’s water-resistant mascara features natural cellulose micro spheres and gives outstanding volume whilst nourishing roots and conditioning lashes.


Bold berry and bright red lipsticks are great for the winter months but many choose to switch their lippie for a more subtle shade in the summer.

Nude pinks are particularly popular and our Velvet Matte Damask Rose Lipstick is the perfect shade of summer pink. Made with highly pigmented earth minerals it suits all skin tones and, because it contains vitamin E, it also helps to keep lips hydrated.

Want a more vibrant colour? Our top-tip is to apply primer underneath your lipstick to enhance its natural hues.


Has applying an oily sun lotion cause your skin to break out? If your blemishes are causing you a spot of bother don’t hide them under heavy make-up. Instead conceal and clear them with our Oy! Clear Skin Concealer.

Formulated with Omega-3&6, Tea Tree and Green Tea it heals as it conceals to encourage a clear complexion.


Looking for an easy way to give your skin a healthy glow this summer? Go rogue against rouge and sweep on a rosey pink blusher instead. For best results apply with our Kabuki Brush starting with the apple of the cheeks.

Top-tip: Always brush towards the ear using short upwards sweeps to build the colour.

Do you change your make-up regime in the summer months? Let us know by using #GreenYourRoutine on social, or leave us a comment below.

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