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3 key anti-ageing skin care tips for men

29/05/2018 by Alexandra

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Retaining your youthful looks is just as important for men as for women. This guide has information on 3 of the best anti-ageing skin care tips for men to help keep you looking fresh, revitalised and wrinkle-free.

1. Hydrate and load your skin with antioxidants

  • Using a daily men's moisturiser or serum helps to hydrate the skin and gives it an instant moisture boost
  • Try our No. 7 Antioxidant Repair Serum, which is packed full of clinically proven actives which firm the skin and reduce wrinkles to help in the fight to delay the signs of ageing
  • Make sure your serum is rich on antioxidants which help to protect against free radical and environmental damage

2. Target your eye area

The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face, leaving it prone to wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. By keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated and moisturised you will help to reduce puffiness and minimise the appearance of wrinkles. A natural eye cream or serum will help to achieve this, protecting and soothing the delicate eye area whilst instantly firming and tightening.

" Keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated and moisturised will help to minimise the appearance of wrinkles. "

Our Firming Eye Serum is a refreshing eye gel for everyday daytime use. Active extracts from Cichorium intybus (Chicory) and Caesalpinia spinosa (Tara Bush) provide an innovative dual action plant complex to lift instantly and increase penetration of actives to stimulate collagen synthesis and firm the skin for longer.

Our Rejuvenating Eye Cream, also available in our scent free range, is a soothing eye cream for night-time use. The active ingredient Baicalin, extracted from the Baical Skullcap, extends the life of skin cells by reducing damage to the cell nucleus each time they divide, leading to a powerful anti-ageing action. Studies have shown in over 40s, skin cells can look up to 10 years younger.

Our Age Defy+ Line Eraser Lip & Eye has an instant firming effect within 15 minutes of application due to active Argan Seed extract, whilst Sea Holly Stem Cells provide long-term action against wrinkles by stimulating and protecting elastin, fibrillin and collagen.

3. Protect your skin against sun damage

One of the most common causes of wrinkles and premature ageing in men is sun exposure and damage. Using a daily SPF and wearing sunglasses will significantly help your skin in the fight against ageing and also decrease the risk of UV-induced skin damage.

Our Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF30 is a non-greasy SPF moisturiser that forms the final stage of our men's anti-ageing skin care routine and can be used every day.

Green People for Men: organic anti-ageing for men

Organic Homme 7 Active Fix Repair Serum 50ml

Green People for Men - No. 7 Antioxidant Repair Serum 50ml

Anti-ageing facial repair serum for men

Neutral Scent Free Eye Cream 10ml

Scent Free Anti-Ageing Eye Cream 10ml

An ultra-gentle anti-ageing eye cream, soothing for very sensitive eyes

Scent Free Facial Sun Cream - SPF30 50ml

Scent Free Facial Sun Cream - SPF30 50ml

High factor, scent-free SPF30 facial sun cream for sensitive skin


Our customer care team is happy to help with any questions you may have about anti-ageing skin care for men. Please call us on 01403 740350 or leave your comment or question below.

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