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Natural mineral make-up for teenagers & tweens: truly natural beauty

21/08/2018 by Amy

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This guide tells you what you need to know about why you should choose mineral make-up. We explain what mineral make-up is and the benefits of mineral make-up for teens and tweens. We also have some great tips for applying mineral make-up and how to enhance your natural beauty.

Why organic make-up for teenagers and tweens?

Did you know, your make-up may contain things like crushed beetles? Many high street "mineral make-up" brands aimed at teenagers and tweens also add harsh or irritating chemical ingredients, so their mineral make-up isn’t as pure as advertised and can irritate your skin.

We have created a range of UK natural mineral make-up for teenagers that not only enhances your complexion but is also good for your skin.

"Many high street "mineral make-up" brands add harsh or irritating chemical ingredients."

Pressed Powder SPF15 - Honey Light

Pressed Powder SPF15 - Honey Light 10g

Foundation and finishing powder for light skin with pink tone

Pressed Powder SPF15 - Caramel Light

Pressed Powder SPF15 - Caramel Light 10g

Foundation and finishing powder for light skin with yellow tone


Out of stock

Mineral Powder Blush - Rose

Mineral Powder Blush - Rose 10g

A natural glow to accentuate a glamorous evening look

Night Forest Eye Duo

Night Forest Eye Duo

Eyeshadow with tawny owl and mink brown shades


So what is mineral make-up?

Quite simply, it’s made from crushed natural mineral pigments that come directly from the earth. We blend the earth minerals Zinc and Mica with nourishing plant based ingredients, for pure coverage that lasts all day long.

What are the benefits of mineral make-up for teenagers?

Our mineral make-up is made with only the purest blend of plant extracts and earth minerals to nourish and protect your skin – there is no irritating bismuth oxychloride, drying alcohol, parabens, artificial colours or pore-clogging chemicals, just natural ingredients that make you look good and keep your skin healthy.

Natural mineral make-up is perfect for teenage skin, even if you have acne or redness. Not only will you get a natural coverage that you won’t make you look shiny, but the minerals reflect light off your skin, giving you a perfectly flawless complexion.

Our mineral make-up is suitable for sensitive skin or if you are prone to acne, eczema or psoriasis.

Make-up tips from professional make-up artist Amy Saunders:

  • Apply pressed mineral powder with a Kabuki brush for smooth and even coverage
  • Swirl the brush around the pressed powder once for light coverage or twice for fuller, and tap off the excess
  • Gradually work the brush in small circular motions around your forehead, chin, nose and eyes. Build up the areas that need more coverage
  • Cleanse and moisturise your skin, then apply your foundation. This makes it easier to see how much (or little) you need to get that perfect coverage
  • Apply our organic pressed mineral powder anywhere you see redness, dark shadows or blemishes. Use your fingertip to gently dab and blend the product into your skin. Finish with another dusting of powder to blend and set.
  • For out and about on-the-spot treatment, dab a little Oy! Clear Skin Blemish Concealer on the area and blend by lightly tapping

Kabuki brush

Kabuki Brush

Vegan make-up brush for applying pressed powders


Our customer care team is happy to help you put together the perfect natural mineral make-up kit for your skin tone. Please call us on 01403 740350 or leave your comment or question below.

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