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Do Green People products contain Lanolin?

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All Green People products are free from Lanolin.

Lanolin itself is perfectly safe, and its presence in cosmetics is generally beneficial to your skin. However cosmetic grade Lanolin can be contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides such as DDT, Dieldrin and Lindane.

In addition, a small percentage of the population are sensitive to lanolin and for these reasons we choose not to use this ingredient.

Discover our lanolin-free beauty products

Vita Min Fix 50ml

Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream 50ml

A 24-hour anti-ageing moisturiser to boost skin hydration and reduce wrinkles

Help At Hand Hand Cream 50ml

Help At Hand Hand Cream 50ml

A nourishing hand cream to hydrate, soften and protect

Nurture Body Lotion 150ml

Nurture Body Lotion 150ml

Luxurious, rehydrating lotion for all skin types

Soothing Nipple Balm - Scent Free 50ml

Soothing Nipple Balm - Scent Free 50ml

A natural soothing nipple balm for breastfeeding relief


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