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Do Green People products carry a best before/use by date?

04/07/2018 by Charlotte

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European Cosmetics Legislation states that products with a shelf-life of less than 30 months from the date of manufacture must carry a 'Best Before' or 'Use By' date on the tube, bottle or jar in which they are packaged.

However, for products with a shelf-life in excess of 30 months, the packaging has to carry a batch code to enable the manufacturer to identify when the product was made, and also give an indication of how long the product will last once it is first opened.

This is called the 'Period After Opening' and is indicated by an 'Open Jar' symbol accompanied by the time in months that the product should be used up within once it has been first used.

How to find the manufacture date

In the case of Green People products the Period After Opening is either six months (6m) or twelve months (12m) depending on the type of product.

The batch code will either be printed on the label, or stamped into the crimped seal of the tube. The batch code is in the form MM/YY/DD.

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