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Are Green People products with essential oils safe to use during pregnancy?

03/11/2018 by Charlotte

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There has been a great deal of misleading advice put about in the media over the past few years regarding the supposed dangers of using essential oils during pregnancy. Unfortunately, these articles are generally out of context and greatly exaggerate the perceived risks. Often these articles are written by journalists or self-styled aromatherapists with little or no knowledge of essential oils, and are merely re-writes of earlier incorrect information.

One or two essential oils have been specifically targeted as being unsafe to use during pregnancy - these include pennyroyal, sage and thuja. The reason that these have earned this reputation is because some women have deliberately misused these oils in misguided attempts to bring on miscarriages. They have actually ingested large amounts (as much as 30ml) of the pure essential oil in these attempts, and have harmed themselves in so doing.

The truth is that using essential oils diluted at the normal levels of between 0.5% and 1.5% in products designed for topical application has never been shown to have any adverse effect whatsoever during pregnancy.

Green People: safe for use during pregnancy

All Green People products that contain essential oils use them at concentrations of less than 1.5% therefore all Green People personal care products can be safely used during pregnancy.

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