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How does Sun Tan Accelerator work?

17/05/2018 by Charlotte

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Edelweiss Sun Lotion with Tan Accelerator - SPF15 200ml

Edelweiss Sun Lotion with Tan Accelerator - SPF15 200ml

Organic SPF15 sun lotion with tan accelerator


The ingredient that we use as a sun tan accelerator in Green People Sun Lotion SPF15 is an extract from the Carob bean which is particularly rich in a form of the vitamin Inositol.

This nutrient is a major constituent of the skin’s natural brown pigment called Melanin and applying it to the skin in combination with sun exposure speeds up the body’s production of Melanin. Studies have shown that, at the level we use this ingredient, the level of Melanin produced by the skin over a 14 day period increases by over 28%, considerably increasing the skin’s natural protection against UV damage.

Exposure to sunlight causes the skin to produce a substance called melanin, which is a brown coloured pigment. Melanin is an effective sun filter and helps to protect the skin from UV-induced damage. In effect, it is a self-defence mechanism that has evolved over tens of thousands of years and is a totally natural process.

Unfortunately, most of us lead lifestyles which prevent regular, moderate sun exposure which would encourage normal melanin production. Instead, we tend to expose our skin to intensive sunlight on an occasional basis, e.g. during a 2 week holiday to sunnier climates. This type of sun exposure is most damaging as the skin does not have time to build up its own natural defence against UV damage.

The natural way to stay protected in the sun

Our award-winning natural and organic sun lotions are marine-friendly and provide safe, non-irritating protection from the sun.

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