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What causes heat rash/prickly heat?

09/02/2019 by Charlotte

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Heat Rash or Prickly Heat is properly known as Miliaria and is characterised by itchy red spots which typically develop on the chest, on the armpits and between the thighs in hot climates. It is caused by blocked sweat ducts which in turn lead to irritation and inflammation of sweat glands.

Boost your fluid intake

There are thought to be two prime causes of this problem, the first being an insufficient intake of water. In hot climates, our bodies need far more water than normal – 2 or 3 litres a day is not unusual.

This is in addition to any other fluid intake including fruit juices, tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks, etc. Failing to consume this extra water intake will often result in reduced perspiration, leading to an increased risk of Miliaria.

Allow your skin to breathe

The second cause is thought to involve the use of personal care products that can interfere with perspiration. These obviously include antiperspirants but also may include sun creams and lotions that claim to be waterproof.

Although Green People's SPF30 and SPF15 Sun Lotions do contain low levels of waxes to make them slightly water-resistant, they do not block pores or interfere with the normal process of perspiration.

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