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Best essential oils for getting your beauty sleep

29/11/2016 by Katy

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While our Age Defy+ range will regenerate your skin cells and help you to recapture the essence of youth, you’ll never feel as good as you do after a sound night’s sleep.

Beauty sleep is important but there’s plenty of scientific evidence to back up the integral role of sleep in a healthy lifestyle. Catching regular zzzz not only benefits your body – repairing damaged cells and muscles – but it also benefits your mind by helping you to maintain attention, refresh your memory, stimulate creativity and lower stress.

What’s more, new research suggests that regular, good quality sleep gained throughout a lifetime may have a significant impact on flushing out waste products from the brain, which have been related to health conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Getting a good kip is not just down to the quality of your bed linen, although cool crisp organic cotton sheets and a not-too-soft-but-not-too-firm pillow are a great start. 


Aromas, good and bad, can affect your sleep in a big way. It’s likely that any smell that evokes feelings of comfort will encourage relaxation but scientists suggest that the fragrances of particular essential oils – such as lavender, chamomile, bergamot and geranium – act to unwind body and mind, therefore inducing slumber. Many of these natural essential oils can be found in our ranges of natural skin care, organic hair shampoo and organic baby products.

Green People's guide to beauty sleep


Native to the Mediterranean but found growing throughout the UK; lavender’s fragrance has been scientifically-proven to have soothing effects that relieve nervous tension. You can wash your worries away with our Daily Aloe Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel, which contains soothing lavender, and make sure your little ones have sweet dreams by using our Lavender Burst Organic Children Bath & Shower and Shampoo. Finish by smoothing our Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve over any dry areas and you’ll both sleep like babies.

Green People's guide to beauty sleep


Found growing in Europe, North America, and Argentina, the scent of chamomile promotes a sense of calm and relaxation. Exceptionally gentle oil, it’s good for children and adults with sensitive skin alike. With our Nappy Cream Baby Balm you can smooth and soothe your babies way to a restful slumber.

Green People's guide to beauty sleep


Essential oil is taken from the peel of this Italian citrus fruit that’s known to aid depression and anxiety. Make sure you have nocturnal natural skin and a completely cleansing sleep by using our Foaming Face Wash and Fruit Scrub. Both of these Green People skin care favourites contain beautiful bergamot tones that will quieten your mind at bedtime and help your skin to feel fresh and radiant when you wake.

Green People's guide to beauty sleep


Derivative from southern Africa, geranium’s essential oil comes from its leaves and helps to relieve stress and insomnia. It’s also particularly beneficial to women during menstruation and menopause. Give your hands a treat with our Lavender & Rose Geranium Hand Cream once you’re duvet-bound; it will not only restore rough fingers but also help you to drift away with the delicate scent of floral fields.


For those who are sensitive to fragrances, we offer a whole host of scent-free products including our Sensitive Scent Free Hydrating Calming Serum and Neutral Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion, which soothe and hydrate in the gentlest way possible to leave your skin feeling prepped for a perfect night’s sleep.

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What are your favourite scents to fall asleep to? Let us know in the comment box below.

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