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Tips to help your baby sleep better

28/11/2017 by Katy

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Are you suffering from parental overwhelm or a dose of wake-at-every-small-noise, so-exhausted-but-can’t-possibly-rack-up-enough-zees sleep deprivation? Whether you’re a new mum or a third-time dad, you’re bound to fall foul of both every now and again and a baby that won’t sleep is no tonic. While parental exhaustion seems like a hopeless place, Green People is here to ensure that you’re not alone and there’s help at hand. 

Once the pitter-patter of tiny feet descend, you can say goodbye to blissful nights of uninterrupted shut-eye and wave too-da-loo to Sunday lie-ins. Sleep deprivation is one of the toughest parts of adjusting to life as a new parent and, if left unchecked, it can continue throughout your parental career having a huge effect on both your home and work life. 

Our beauty specialists are veterans when it comes to natural living advice for parents. We wanted to let you know the team’s top tips for getting baby off to sleep for long enough so that you can both refresh and repair. From baby massage and bath time routines to blackout blinds and cuddly toys – there’s unbeatable baby sleep advice here. 


Green People Administrative Coordinator Iwona, mum to Charlie and new baby Eleanor, swears by a gentle baby massage using our soothing and nurturing Scent Free Baby Oil to get her little-ones off to the land of nod, saying: 

“Once Charlie’s calm and settled, as long as he has his favourite cuddly toy and his night light is left on to combat his fear of the dark, he’ll snooze soundly.” 

Iwona and Charlie

Brand Manager Emily comments: “I make sure Sadie gets lots of fresh air during the day to help her sleep better at night.” The mum-to-one goes on to say:

 “Stories and cuddles at bedtime help Sadie to unwind. But a calming bath time routine – involving lots of gorgeous smelling lavender bubbles followed by an all over smooth of soothing baby salve from the Organic Babies Silent Night Set – is a great help to get my daughter to sleep.” 

Iwona and Charlie

Unlike, Charlie who needs his night light to sleep through, Sadie sleeps best when her room is darkened by a blackout blind. This just goes to show that every child is different and this is where advice from experienced mums can be invaluable.  Just as different products from our organic skincare range will suit you and baby differently, different tips and bedtime routines will work for your little one.

Both Green People mums agree with the experts at The Lullaby Trust who suggest that it’s important to make sure the nursery is not too warm or too cool and that the bedding is light to make baby most comfortable. Further advice on safer sleep for babies, including how to reduce the risk of SIDS, can be found here.  


Do you have any questions about our sleep tips for babies? Let us know in the comments below, or you can check out our range of natural products for babies and children here

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