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Is your shower a hot-spot for acne breakouts?

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If you are one of the many people that start their day with a shower, you’ll know that it can have many benefits. From cleansing the skin, to helping to wake us up, a soak in the shower can leave us feeling good on the inside and out. But, is there a downside to having a daily shower? Here we explore how common shower products can aggravate those prone to acne.


Thought shampoo was just for the hair? Think again. Not only will the harsh-chemical ingredients used in high-street shampoos get the skin on the scalp in a lather, they can drip onto the back, neck and shoulders too. If your shampoo is made of natural, skin-kind ingredients this won’t pose a problem but, heavy, synthetic products can block pores, trap bacteria and contribute to body acne breakouts. To help combat this, only use products that contain natural ingredients and gentle foaming agents and always thoroughly rinse away any residue before you step out of the shower.


Have you ever stepped out of the shower and noticed that your skin feels itchy or aggravated? Those suffering with acne can often find that their skin is more sensitive than most. If you opt for a shampoo or shower gel containing SLS, this could be to blame for any post-shower discomfort. Used in body washes and hair care to help make them foam, SLS is a common skin irritant which can make the skin feel inflamed and itchy. To stop your skin from feeling sore after you shower we recommend switching to an SLS free, skin-kind shower gel such as our Daily Aloe Shower Gel.


Contrary to popular belief, people in tubs should not rub-a-dub-dub, and same applies to those in showers. Excessively rubbing and scrubbing the skin can irritate the upper epidermis and increase the risk of breakouts. If you are scrubbing with products containing Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), these can also strip the skin of the natural, protective oils that help keep the skin healthy and balanced, causing the skin to produce excess oil to compensate.

Far from giving you a squeaky-clean feeling, excess oil will attract bacteria and create the perfect environment for the development of spots, pimples, blackheads and acne. To keep blemishes at bay, switch your aggressive scrub to a gentle body exfoliator, rich in natural actives, that will help to bring sebum levels back into balance.


While a super-hot shower may feel great on a cold morning, it won’t do your scalp any good. Hot water can be very drying on the skin and exposing it to an intense temperature changes can throw it out of balance, causing it to become dry and flaky… yet still oily for those who are prone to breakouts! Acne around the hair line can be uncomfortable and painful, so help rebalance your hair and scalp by switching to our Irritated Scalp Shampoo. Designed to bring relief to irritated scalps, this soothing shampoo gently cleanses oily hair without being harsh on sensitive skin or aggravating acne.


Has changing the way you shower heled soothe your skin complaint? Let us know by using #GreenYourRoutine on social, or leave us a comment below.

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