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Look after yourself with our self-care tips

27/03/2020 by Hannah

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Never has self-care been more important and today we’re sharing our staff top tips for looking after your wellbeing.


My weekends are usually spent with friends or having beauty treatments. When I can’t do this, I use the Coconut Charcoal Face Mask to pamper my skin from home. Its Eucalyptus scent is really calming and the skin-fresh feeling it gives boosts my mood. Whilst I wait for the mask to dry, I catch up with my friends on WhatsApp – talking to others is so important and it makes my day when friends and I can share stories and make each other laugh!



For me, self-care is spending time with my dog. Getting out for a long walk really helps to clear my mind. I also run a local beach clean group in my spare time and it gives me a sense of well-being knowing I am doing something positive for the environment. My self-care tip is not to skip on SPF protection when spending time outdoors as sunburn can spoil even the best of moods.



I’m expecting my first child and am finding pregnancy yoga really helps to keep me feeling strong and calm. Outside exercise is also really important to me and gives me a nice boost of vitamin D. I’m keeping friends and family updated with my blossoming bump via video calls and it’s so reassuring to know that they are just a phone call away if I need them for anything.



I love to relax with a good read and I am part of a book group. If my group can't meet, I make time for an early night and read my latest book in bed. Before getting into bed, I cleanse my skin thoroughly and apply the Age Defy+ Hydro Glow Face Mask. Its citrus aroma soothes away any nervous tension and it sinks deep into the skin leaving it feeling fresh and soft in the morning.


I love to dance and my ‘me-time’ was previously spent at Salsa classes. When the classes aren’t on, I put on my favourite song and dance around the house with my little girl. Dancing helps her to burn off pent-up energy and it makes me smile to see her so happy. All that exercise can be a little overstimulating so afterwards I give her a bath with the Organic Children Lavender Bath Wash. It’s great for her eczema-prone skin and the soothing Lavender aroma helps us both to unwind before bed.



My self-care routine usually evolves around my gym classes. Whether it’s a relaxing yoga session or a going for a long run, exercising really helps me to focus my mind. I’m very lucky that my gym offers video classes so I can even work out at home. After I’m done, I re-energise my skin and mind with the Quinoa and Calendula Shower Gel. I love that it contains Sweet Orange and Ginger essential oils, these smell so refreshing and lift away my post-workout fatigue.



I have an allotment and working with the soil really calms my mind. I meticulously plan out what I’m growing and when, and get a great sense of satisfaction when the food starts to grow. Its hard work, but I know that the fresh vegetables I grow will really boost my wellbeing.


Having a goal is crucial to my wellbeing and to give me something to aim for, I’ve signed up to run a marathon. The training plan is intense but I now run 13 miles, having previously never run further than 5k! Another way I calm my mind is having a bath and using the Pure Luxe Body Oil on my tired legs! The smell is amazing, the Mandarin and Neroli is so uplifting.



Do you have any self-care tips that you would like to share? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK or by commenting in the section below.

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