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Make-up tips for sensitive skin

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Many of us suffer from sensitive skin. The reason why such a huge number of people now suffer is unknown, but some believe it may be connected to the chemicals to which we are all exposed in everyday life.

Go natural

Don’t panic! We’re not expecting you to throw your entire make-up bag in the bin and go bare-faced. But if you suffer from sensitive skin, it might be worth trying a skin detox and going on a skin-diet of only natural and organic products, and that includes make-up.

Synthetic chemicals and harsh ingredients such as artificial fragrances, bismuth oxychloride, artificial colours, ethyl alcohol, silicone and parabens are all common causes of reactions in those with sensitive skin. The reactions can take a variety of forms – in some, they will cause dryness and itching, whilst others will develop spots or rashes – but you don’t need to suffer.

We have a range of organic mineral make-up for sensitive skin which is very gentle and contains no harsh chemicals.

Choose your liquid make-up with care

Liquid make-up often contains powerful preservatives which can be irritating to sensitive skin and may also contain silicones which stop the skin from breathing. Truly natural mineral make-up is breathable and pure, making it a much better choice. However, even some mineral make-up brands contain dubious ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride, which in some people can cause acne breakouts.

We're happy to say that our organic mineral make-up contains no such ingredients.

Clean your brushes regularly

Use our shampoos to clean your brushes on a weekly basis and use a towel to remove any excess water then lay your brushes on a table so the brush head is sticking out over the edge. This will help your brushes dry much quicker.

" Dirty brushes can lead to all sorts of infections and irritations. "

If you suffer from sensitive eyes, it’s a good idea to keep on top of your brush cleanliness. Dirty brushes can lead to all sorts of infections and irritations.

Avoid the water line

Make-up artists recommend using a white pencil to line your eyes and make them appear more open or a dark pencil to create a sultry, smoky look. This may look good, but it is bad news for people with sensitive eyes as lining the rim of your eyes with a layer of make-up can make them aggravated and sore.

" Lining the rim of your eyes with make-up can make them aggravated and sore. "

Remove, remove, remove

Take an extra few minutes a day to make sure you get every bit of make-up off – especially your eye make-up. Your delicate skin will really thank you for it.

Also, avoid using an alcohol-based make-up remover or make-up remover wipes. They may seem like the easy option but these products will dry your skin out and cause more irritation.

Opt for an alcohol-free, creamy gentle cleanser and warm water. Try our Scent Free Cleanser which will leave your skin soft and smooth and even removes waterproof mascara.

Be gentle

All skin should be treated with care, not just sensitive skin. As well as keeping your brushes clean, get into the habit of washing your hands before applying any make-up.

Also avoid rubbing your eyes when applying or removing products, instead sweep away from the eyes when removing make-up. These little hygiene tips could help you avoid any nasty irritations.

Unwanted extras in your mascara?

Mascaras can contain lots of hidden nasties. The alcohol in many conventional mascaras will dry your lashes, cause breakage and eye irritation.

There are also a lot of mascaras out there that promise to lengthen your lashes. These work by having lots of very small synthetic fibres in the mascaras that stick to your lashes to create false volume and length. These tiny little particles continuously flake off during the day and can cause irritation around the eye area.

Our natural mascaras nourish your lashes, don’t flake and create volume and length without using nasties.

Get more mascara tips for sensitive eyes.

Our customer care team are happy to help with any questions you may have about our make-up for sensitive skin. Please call us on 01403 740350 or leave a comment or question below.

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