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Natural hand care tips for sensitive hands

18/09/2018 by Alexandra

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Sensitive hands are a common problem. A third of women say that they suffer from dryness and irritation on their hands, and the cold, wind and rain of winter can take a further toll.

Some of the issues most frequently experienced by those with sensitive hands are chapped or cracked skin, a parched or leathery appearance, a feeling of tightness and itching.

It is not surprising that so many suffer with these problems. The hands work harder than any other part of the body yet they have fewer sebaceous glands. This means that they cannot so easily maintain adequate moisture levels, especially with frequent exposure to detergents like washing up liquid and drying hand washes.

A thorough hand care regime is vital to keep your hands healthy and looking good.

How to look after sensitive hands

  • Use rubber gloves when washing up and using harsh detergents like cleaning products
  • Use gardening gloves to protect your hands from wear and tear
  • Improve circulation and release tension by gently stretching or bending your fingers for a few seconds several times a day
  • Moisturise your hands several times a day (we recommend our Help at Hand cream).
  • Avoid bars of soap which are very drying on the skin owing to their pH level
  • Avoid liquid soaps that contain harsh ingredients like SLS that can cause further sensitivity

Natural hand cream for sensitive hands

Our natural hand cream contains beautiful organic ingredients that soothe and protect the skin. With the gorgeous scent of English Lavender and Rose Geranium and natural ingredients like Beeswax help to protect sensitive hands without feeling greasy.

For maximum nourishment, exfoliate your hands with Fruit Scrub before moisturising.

Help At Hand Hand Cream 50ml

Help At Hand Hand Cream 50ml

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Fruit Scrub Exfoliator 50ml

Fruit Scrub Exfoliator 50ml

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Scent Free Hand Wash 300ml

Scent Free Hand Wash 300ml

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Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion 150ml

Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion 150ml

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