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Preparing your home for a new baby

12/06/2019 by Hannah

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Baby Room

Have you been struck by a sudden urge to make sure your home is ready for your new baby during the last few weeks of your pregnancy? Nesting is a great time to reflect on your growing family’s skin care and toiletry choices.


Most people choose to set up a changing area in the nursery. You may choose a changing table (although be careful with this when your baby learns to roll) or a soft change mat on the floor.

Cotton wool and warm water is the gentlest way to keep your little one’s bottom clean. Cotton wool pads are very good at removing meconium during the first few days, but you may find that cotton wool pleats are the most cost-effective longer term.

Even with frequent changing, nappy rash can quickly take hold but you can help to prevent it by applying nappy cream to clean, dry skin. Remember that only a little is needed to create a protective barrier on top of the skin, otherwise it will be transferred to the nappy which then loses its absorbency.

Organic Babies Calming Nappy Cream is an ultra-gentle, organic cream which can be applied at every nappy change. 

“My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and this is the only nappy cream I can use on her without a reaction to keep the nappy rash away. A brilliant product and I would definitely recommend it to all new parents.” Jane


Whilst your baby should not be bathed with anything other than water for the first month after birth, choosing your natural baby bath time essentials now will ensure that you’re well prepared when the time comes to give baby their first bath.

Infant skin is thin and delicate and this means that it can be more vulnerable to agitation from toxins and irritants commonly found in many popular brands of baby bath products.

Deciphering labels can be confusing but you can be sure that our Organic Babies products are totally safe and gentle on delicate skin. We use soothing, plant-based ingredients to create our natural baby washes, which can also be used as bubble bath and shampoo.

"This is a really lovely product. I have used the unscented version before on my 5 month old but this one smells divine and is still as gentle on his skin. Fab quality product and you only need to use a small amount so it lasts ages. Love it!" Georgina


Our helpful customer care team is on hand Monday-Friday to help guide you through shopping for a newborn and there are also lots of helpful mum-to-be skin care shopping tips in our guide to baby skin care essentials.

How did you prepare your home for your baby? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK or by commenting in the section below.

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