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Preparing your teen for prom

05/06/2019 by Hannah

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Panicking about preparing your teen for prom? Here we share our top tips for helping teens prepare their hair, skin care and make-up regimes for prom season.


GCSE and A level exams can be a testing time for teen skin and if your teen’s been under stress or has been snacking on greasy food and surviving on caffeine during study leave, this can show up on their skin.

Spots and acne can have a huge influence on a young person’s confidence but encouraging them to develop a good skin care regime can make a big difference to both their appearance and well-being.

To help teens develop clear skin confidence we created the My Skin Goals kit. This 3-step skin care routine is designed especially for teen skin and includes full-sized bottles of our antibacterial Oy! Foaming Face Wash, Oy! Clear Skin Cleansing Moisturiser and our award-winning Oy! Clear Skin Purifying Serum.

Ideal for soothing spot-prone skin ahead of prom, this natural skin care set is packed with antibacterial ingredients such as Willow Bark and Tea Tree extract which help to control bacteria without aggravating sensitive skin.


From cool lavender blues to bubble-gum pinks, pastel hair dye is hugely popular amongst teens but without adequate hair care their colour could be at risk of fading.

If their balayage needs a boost encourage them to use a natural shampoo for coloured hair. Our Intensive Repair Shampoo is made with Green Tea and Orange Peel and features a Quinoa Protein colour lock system which strengthens the hair whilst helping to limit colour fade.

TOP TIP: Sun damage is a major cause of hair colour fading so encourage them to conserve their hair colour by wearing a sun hat.


If your teen wants a tan ahead of prom it is important to make them aware of the dangers of sunbeds and sun exposure.  

A safer way to tan is to swap the sunbed for a self tan and our natural Self Tan Lotion can help teens to achieve a healthy, gorgeous glow without harmful sun exposure.

TOP TIP: For best results we recommend applying self tan to the skin using circular movements, starting from the face and neck and working your way down the body. To avoid patchy skin always exfoliate before applying the fake tan and reapply it every 3 days to maintain the colour.


We asked our resident make-up artist Amy to share her top tips for perfecting teen prom make-up.


Concealer may be too heavy for your teen’s young skin but if they have broken out in blemishes, you can help them to conceal and heal their spots by mixing our Oy! Clear Skin Blemish Concealer with our Oy! Clear Skin Cleansing Moisturiser. When mixed together they create a skin-balancing natural foundation that creates an even skin tone whilst working to clear the complexion of spots.


Bold lipstick colours are back with a bang and taking the time to prep the lips before applying lipstick will help your teen’s colour confidence to shine through in their prom photos.

  1. First, remove any dry skin by lightly buffing away the dead skin cells using a soft, clean toothbrush or a clean, dry flannel.
  2. Next, rinse the lips with lukewarm water and, once they are dry, prep them for lipstick by applying our Enrich & Enhance Lip Primer. Made with vitamin E, it will keep the lips hydrated and lock lipstick in place.
  3. Lastly, layer on the lipstick. For a subtle colour opt for a natural millennial pink shade, and for a bolder, brighter look opt for our Berry Nude Lipstick. Lightweight and longwearing, this striking shade suits all skin tones.


  1. Late nights spent studying can leave teens nursing eye bags but a pea-sized amount of our Firming Eye Serum will help teens to hide the signs of tired eyes.
  2. Help them to create a stunning smoky eye by applying the "Tawny Owl" colour from our Night Forest palette. Apply this to the middle of the upper-lid and along the outer 2/3s of the lower lid, then press the "Mink Brown" colour along the lash line, the outer corner of the upper and lower lid and use a clean brush to soften the pigment and blend it in.
  3. Complete the look by applying mascara to their lashes and sweeping our High Definition Eyeliner over the lash-line. Intensely pigmented from earth minerals, this waterproof eyeliner is long-wearing and gentle enough for even the most sensitive of eyes.


How will you be helping your teen with their prom skin care and make-up? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK or by commenting in the section below.

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