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The story behind our Berry Nude shade of organic lipstick

18/06/2019 by Hannah

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Following the runaway success of our Velvet Matte Lipstick, we’re excited to launch our NEW Berry Nude lip colour. Here we explain why we added this exciting new product to our range of natural make-up.

When we launched our limited-edition lipstick back in 2017, we created a soft millennial pink shade of lipstick that suits all skin tones, and much to our delight this lipstick was so popular that we made it a permanent fixture in our mineral make-up range.

Customers, influencers and the press all raved about its lightweight and long-wearing matte finish, and as our resident make-up artist Amy explains, our thoughts soon turned towards expanding the range to give customers a choice of shades:

“Our Damask Rose lipstick has been a huge success from the moment it launched so we knew very early on that there was a customer demand for long-wearing, highly pigmented natural lipstick.

A year after its launch, the positive reviews were still coming in so, we decided it was definitely time to start developing a new shade, to create a Velvet Matte collection.”


When creating our new organic lipstick, we knew we wanted to replicate the Velvet Matte texture of our original shade. Light on the lips with a long-lasting colour, both products in our natural lipstick line condition as they colour. This is achieved by our unique blend of sustainable Beeswax, vitamin E, organic Carnauba wax and botanical oils which keep the lips soft, hydrated and nourished.

“Our first Velvet Matte lipstick gained popularity due to its multi-dimensional mineral pigments that make the lipstick universally flattering.

This is something that had to follow through in our second launch so, we spent many months researching, formulating, testing and sampling different shades on a wide range of different skin types and hair colours to create something that would be loved by all!”

new berry lipstick
new berry lipstick
new lipstick shade
new lipstick shade
new lipstick shade



Amy oversaw the creation of our new lipstick and once happy with the texture, her attention turned towards creating the shade. This was no mean feat and as Amy explains, finding the perfect hue involved navigating many hurdles.

“With my background in make-up artistry and a passion for organic and natural cosmetics, I was very aware of the challenges surrounding the search for the perfect lipstick. Many natural lipsticks, whilst nourishing, were very sheer so didn’t offer bold colour”.


As our search for a bold new bold lipstick continued we were quick to rule out red. While red lipsticks can brighten up our lips, their colour is often created by a pigment called carmine, which is made by crushing thousands of cochineal beetles.

As a cruelty-free lipstick brand we only ever make our make-up with earth mineral pigments and ensure that all our products are suitable for vegetarians, as well as fans of clean and cruelty-free  beauty.


With red ruled out, we pored over swatch books and kept a close eye on Pinterest where we soon saw dark berry lipstick shades climbing the lipstick trend-charts. By the start of 2019 Pinterest had declared that interest in dark berry lips had increased by 39% and so we set about creating a beautiful berry shade which would suit all skin tones.

The resulting colour was a beautiful nude shade of berry that brings a blush of mauve to the barely-there lip trend. Made with highly pigmented earth minerals that deliver a muted colour that lasts and lasts, we are thrilled to bring our customers another great natural lipstick that provides a light hint of colour to highlight and enhance the natural hue of the lips.

“We wanted to create a lipstick that offered the best of both worlds; nourishing the lip whilst also providing a bold pop of colour that’s suitable for brunch with friends, a work meeting and even special occasions.

The Velvet Matte lipstick in Berry Nude does all this and more – and what’s great is that it can be worn on bare lips for an ultra-modern, chalky matte finish or you can wear it over or under your favourite lip balm to soften the pigment and give it a soft, sheer finish.”

What is your favourite shade of our natural lipsticks? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK or by commenting in the section below.

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