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Tour de France – our picks for the peloton

11/07/2014 by Poppy

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Bike in field

With two British hopefuls out within the first week of this year’s Tour de France, it’s time to restore some national pride and get on our bikes! Cycling is a great low impact sport that allows you to keep fit and healthy, while being gentle on the joints. It’s also a great way to appreciate the beautiful British countryside as you zoom along on pedal power.

Whilst it may be easy on the knees, cycling can be tough on your skin. All that wind whooshing by and the sun beating down can really take its toll, leaving exposed skin on the face, neck and limbs feeling dry, damaged and sore.

If your bike has started to wreak havoc on your skin, take a look at these five essential products to take the pain out of pedalling.

One of the most important things to protect against when taking your bike out this summer is sun damage, anything we can do to avoid unattractive cycle short burn lines is always a plus! Nothing ages the skin faster than unprotected sun exposure; when we sweat we are particularly susceptible, as this can wash away any protection applied before exercising.

Stop sun in its tracks

Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF30, or SPF15 with Tan Accelerator, give natural protection against both UVA and UVB rays, as well as helping to deeply moisturise the skin. By using organic beeswax, this is a naturally water resistant Sun Lotion that won’t clog pores – good news for people who suffer from prickly heat. As with any sun cream, remember to reapply regularly, especially during sport, to get the best protection from harmful UV rays.

P.S. Don’t neglect your lips, they need sun protection too! Guard against chapped lips with our Enrich & Enhance Lip Primer, to keep them hydrated and protected.

Soothe cuts and scrapes

If, like Cavendish and Froome, you’re prone to the odd tarmac tumble, you will know the stinging sensation of ‘road burn’. Using the gentlest of ingredients to soothe and calm any grazes or cuts, our Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve contains 92% organic ingredients and is super gentle on delicate skin. Containing Shea Butter, Calendula and Lavender, why reserve this product just for babies? It works just as well on adult skin and is something that everyone should keep in their bathroom.

Expert tip: Make scuffed knees that little bit better; kids will love using our Baby Salve as it’s super smooth with a smell they will love.

Take on fluid

If, like us, you enjoy a welcome break at a pub or cafe during your bike ride, cool off and instantly hydrate your skin with our Toning Hydrating Mist spray. It’s extremely refreshing and the perfect pick me up for you and the kids, who will love to spritz themselves and cool down on a hot day with this fun Mist. If you stop for a drink, don’t forget to give your skin a thirst quencher too, and remember to top up on sun cream!

Say goodbye to helmet hair

After a long ride the first thing you do is jump in the shower and wash your hair, however many high street and conventional sports shampoos contain a harsh foaming agent called sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). SLS is very good at removing oils and dirt from the hair, a little too good in fact; it can actually strip the hair and scalp of its natural healthy oils, which can lead to irritation and inflammation. Our SLS-free Quinoa & Artichoke hair care duo is perfect for cleansing your hair without harsh chemicals.

Ride fresh

Our skin care ethos at Green People is to keep the body in its natural balance, as we believe this is the key to healthy skin. That’s why our deodorants won’t clog your pores with artificial chemicals to stop you from sweating. Green People natural deodorants give effective protection against body odour by killing smell causing bacteria that sit on the skin and react with sweat. Our range of men’s, women’s and organic young deodorants are perfect for the whole family, with natural scents (or scent free) that keep underarms feeling fresh all day long.

Each Green People product is made with gentle ingredients designed to balance, soothe and purify your skin, and we have a 28-day free returns policy so you can buy with confidence.

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer care team on 01403 740350 or email

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