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4 winter travel beauty essentials for gorgeous getaway skin

20/12/2017 by Katy

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winter skin care

Environmental changes and the act of travelling can whisk the moisture away from your skin faster than you can say “Jack Frost!” Whether you’re exposed to crisp active days on the slopes, a relaxing winter warmer on distant shores or a culture-quenching inner-city break; too much cold dry air, sea, sun and pollution are not ideal skincare companions.

It’s not just a change in outdoor weather and climate that can throw your complexion out of whack. Exposure to dry indoor heating and cooling systems while travelling – by plane, train or automobile – can be just as troublesome.

The best advice that we can give is to quench your skin’s thirst with products that are as nice as they are natural. Not only are the ingredients we use botanically based (an organic blend of the finest plant oils, herbal infusions, floral waters and essential oils) but they are harmonious with natural living.

Adjusting to your individual needs as well as the environment that you live in, or travel to this winter, our plant-based ingredients – from naturally occurring olive oil emulsifiers to coconut foaming agents – offer the biodegradable benefit of disappearing back into the earth to nourish rather than deplete valuable resources and defile the planet. 

If you’re going to take anything away with you on your winter retreat, make sure it’s our four favourite travel beauty essentials: 


on piste skincare regime

The last thing you want is post-slope-mope because you forgot to cream-up. Short of plumping for a balaclava, the best way you can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and maintain an even winter getaway after-glow is to reach for our Scent Free Facial Sun Cream. SPF 30 broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, our totally natural non-whitening formula is suitable for all skin types. This is a no-panda-eyes zone!  

quest without qualms

It can be all too easy for extreme sports enthusiasts to throw caution to the wind but if you enjoy getting active at altitude or in adverse conditions your skin and hair might pay the price. So, if you’re an adrenaline junkie who’s planning to live life in the fast lane (or on the fast slopes) just make one small addition to your luggage: Green People’s Quinoa Hair and Body Travel Pack. Designed to keep you in tip-top condition from head to toe, this moisture-rich organic hair and beauty collection should be your winter getaway go-to.

no city breakouts

While a tour of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque followed by a stroll by the Bosphorus may be on the cards, have you considered how to keep your skin protected from poor air quality and damaging free radicals? You might be planning to check out a Christmas market or take in a kukeri carnival in Bulgaria but have you thought about how to rehydrate your exposed, parched skin? Green People’s Beauty Boost Skin Restore, crammed with antioxidants and promising deep hydration, is your answer to anti-pollution skincare.

stay beach beautiful

A winter getaway doesn’t have to be all about harsh north winds, many of you will plan to jet away and soak up the sun. The sun’s reluctance to shine in Blighty from November to March is not a good reason to wing it without sun cream in warmer climes. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to walk away from a winter beach break, just a few hours flight from the UK, with a cracking tan.Pack our SPF15 Sun Cream with Tan Accelerator for safer, not sizzled, skin that develops a lasting sun-kissed glow. This moisture retaining yet water repellent winter sun essential is also available in a cabin-friendly 100 ml travel size

Do you have any questions about travel beauty essentials for your upcoming winter getaway? Let us know in the comments below, or you can check out our our full range of organic travel-size skin care and sun care here

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