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What to pack for eco-friendly family days out

24/05/2019 by Hannah

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family on beach

Family days out at the farm, the beach or soft-play area can generate lots of lovely memories for grownups and little ones alike. To help you prepare for a summer full of family fun our Green People parents are sharing their must-have products for fun and eco-friendly family days out.


I love to take my little girls on picnics. As a family we are trying to be more eco-conscious so we do our best to make our picnic plastic-free. We don’t take plastic straws or cutlery and we wrap our food in eco-friendly beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm. Instead of using wet wipes to clean our hands before and after we eat, we use the Sticky Hand Sanitiser. It is great for cleaning hands and faces and my girls really love the citrus-scented foam.



My family just moved house and are excited to explore the local area this summer. My daughter loves ice cream and on sunny days out we sometimes have an ice cream or ice lolly as a treat. Once we are back home we help her to brush her baby teeth with the Organic Children Mandarin & Aloe Vera Toothpaste with Fluoride. It's specially formulated for babies and children and she loves the fruity flavour. Even though she may be tired after our day trip, she always brushes her teeth without any fuss!



My little girl loves to go to the farm but when she contracted a nasty bug I learned the hard way how important it is to make sure she always washes her hands after spending time with animals. Now, whenever we go out I make sure I have the Sticky Hand Sanitiser with me. Naturally antibacterial, it gives me peace of mind that her delicate skin is protected from any bacteria we might encounter.



My children love to go swimming but chlorine used in the pools can sometimes irritate their delicate skin. To minimise this, I always pack an Organic Children Body Wash and Shampoo in their swim kits and make sure that they wash off salt water and chlorine after they get out of the pool. If we are swimming outside I make sure I apply Organic Children Sun Lotion to their skin and reapply when they get out of the water.



My boys love the beach but because they both have eczema I must be extra cautious about applying sun cream to their skin. To protect their delicate skin from the sun, I use the Organic Children SPF30 Sun Lotion. It's non-pore clogging and scent free so doesn’t aggravate their sensitive skin. It’s also water repellent and marine-friendly so great for little ones that love to run in and out of the sea. Most importantly it doesn’t sting which is a must when you’re dealing with sore, eczema-prone skin.

Steph & family


My son is football mad and our weekends are often spent playing football in the park. He’s about to turn 8 so we’ve recently bought him his first Organic Young deodorant to gently protect his underarms from BO whilst he plays. If it's sunny we apply the Organic Children Sun Lotion before we go to the park. To keep his sun protection topped up we also keep a bottle of sun cream in his kit bag and make sure he reapplies it at half-time.


How do you make your family days out eco-friendly? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK or by commenting in the section below.

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