Clever ways to use concealer

13/05/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

Clever ways to use concealer

Does your make-up collection include a concealer? A skin care staple, this compact but clever cosmetic has the power to transform your style. Here we explore the different ways to use concealer.

At Green People we are wedded to our Oy! Clear Skin Blemish Concealer but these tips should work with any concealer.

How to use concealer on spots

Concealers are colour-correctors and when applied to spots they help conceal red blemishes. Simply dot your concealer onto the affected area and hey presto, your spots will be gone. Or will they?

The reality is, applying a heavy, pore clogging concealer to the skin might cover-up an uneven skin tone, but it won’t clear your spots. To effectively banish blemishes you’ll need a redness-reducing concealer that conceals and heals imperfections.

For effective spot clearing action look for concealers containing natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as Green Tea and Tea Tree which are known to help calm red, sore spots. Find out more about these complexion clearing ingredients.

How to use concealer on blue veins

As we age our skin becomes thinner and this can expose blue veins under the epidermis. To conceal this, choose concealers with a yellow undertone. This hue will cancel the blue and bring the tone of your skin back into balance.

TOP TIP: When applying concealer use your fingers instead of make-up brush. The warmth from your fingers will melt the concealer so that it can be easily blended.

How to use concealer on dark circles

One of the most common causes of dark shadows under the eyes is poor circulation. The skin around the eyes is thin and the dark circles we see are often an indication that blood or lymph vessels are pooling there.

The good news is that we can diminish dark circles by applying concealer and gently stimulating circulation around the eyes.

Why not try these circulation boosters and see if your need for concealer gradually diminishes?

  1. Sleep for a minimum of 7 hours a night
  2. Practice face yoga every morning
  3. Apply a firming eye serum underneath your concealer
  4. Drink plenty of fluids
  5. Consider reducing your salt intake
  6. Apply a hot compress to the area followed by a cold compress. Continue to alternate the compresses for 10 minutes then lightly tap the lower eyelids with the pads of your fingers
  7. Apply a hydrating eye cream before going to bed

How to use concealer to plump lips

Over time our lips can become thin and less defined. Applying a lip liner and lipstick can help to plump the lips out but could using concealer also help?

Try applying a concealer around the outline of your lips before applying your lipliner and lipstick and see if it perfects your pout.

How to use concealer to hide tiredness

It is recommended that we get 8 hours of sleep a night. Without this we can be vulnerable to fatigue and this can show upon your skin.

For eyes that look wide awake proactively treat puffy eyes with Green People’s Firming Eye Serum. Made with Chicory it delivers an immediate tightening effect so that you can smoothly apply your concealer.

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