Daily detox with Astaxanthin and Green Beauty

13/05/2020 — By Alexandra Julian

Daily detox with Astaxanthin and Green Beauty

Overindulged? Feeling fatigued? Under the weather? Revive, refresh and renew by taking Green Beauty with Astaxanthin, the most exciting supplement on the market to help fight the signs of ageing and encourage detoxification.

This ground-breaking organic supplement combines 6 nutrient-rich superfoods with exceptionally strong antioxidant properties. Our synergistic, age-defying blend provides cell protection, aids detoxification, boosts the immune system and helps to maintain healthy tissue.


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Key actives in Green Beauty

Astaxanthin is the world’s strongest natural known antioxidant and it mixes with both water and fats, allowing it to be transported throughout the entire body and provide complete protection to every cell.

  • 550 times stronger than Vitamin E
  • 10 times stronger than beta-Carotene
  • Protects against the damaging effects of pollution, ultraviolet light and immune stress

Chlorella, known to be one of the world’s most complete foods, stabilises blood sugar, balances pH values in the body and aids detoxification.

Wheatgrass, Barleygrass and Spirulina build, repair and maintain healthy tissue.

Seagreens induce high absorption of essential nutrients from food and boost the immune system.

Inner health for radiant skin

Your skin is not only the first thing people see, it’s also the body’s largest organ and a reflection of your overall health.

Healthy skin starts from within so treat your body right by eating a nutrient-rich diet that contains all the essential building blocks your skin needs.

The health of your digestive system and liver, the acidity of your blood, the way you breathe and the amount of exercise you get all affect your skin’s health and appearance.




Help protect against sun damage with Green Beauty

As well as regularly reapplying sun cream, you can further protect your skin from sun damage by taking our Green Beauty with Astaxanthin.

Research shows that Astaxanthin works as an internal sunscreen, protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays from within, whilst also fighting the signs of skin ageing.

Start taking your Green Beauty capsules two weeks prior to your holiday and whilst away, perfect for your sunny winter getaways or skiing escapes. But remember to take your sun cream too. 

Age Defy+ Green Beauty With Astaxanthin 60 Caps

Age Defy+ Green Beauty With Astaxanthin 60 Caps

Fight wrinkles and improve skin elasticity from within


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Scent Free Sun Cream - SPF30 200ml

Scent Free Sun Cream - SPF30 200ml

High factor fragrance-free SPF30 sun cream suitable for sensitive skin


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