Green People team cleans up Worthing beach with Marine Conservation Society

05/03/2014 — By Alexandra Julian

Green People team cleans up Worthing beach with Marine Conservation Society

As part of our fantastic partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, through which we have already raised £29,000 for the UK charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife, the team at Green People took part in a beach clean-up at Worthing Beach in West Sussex.

Why is beach cleaning so important?

On a rather rainy Wednesday afternoon the Green People team of twenty people managed to pick up a mighty 31kg of rubbish from the area of beach the MCS were cleaning up and surveying. The team didn't let the bad weather dampen their spirits and had a productive and fun afternoon helping such a worthwhile cause in the fight to save our beaches and wildlife.

As stated by MCS, “Some of our best-loved marine wildlife is under threat from the waste and litter in our seas, with hundreds of species accidentally eating or becoming entangled in litter. Litter on our beaches is also hazardous to people so we all have a part to play in turning the tide on litter.”

After the Green People beach clean-up Katharine Sharp of MCS said, “Thanks to you all there is now less rubbish out there causing harm to wildlife.”


Beachwatch Surveys

A survey of what was collected by the team showed that the items most commonly found were bits of plastic, topping the list and accounting for a huge 57.9% of the total rubbish we found on the beach.

The survey also detailed the sources of the majority of the rubbish and over 45% of the materials collected was attributed to public littering.

It is important for MCS not only to clear the beaches to protect wildlife but also to survey the beaches to collect data on the types of waste and rubbish found.

As stated by MCS Beachwatch Officer, Lauren Davieson, “If MCS and its volunteers didn’t clean and survey British beaches, we would not be able to continue to pressurise the authorities into keeping marine and beach litter on the agenda.

"Our surveys reveal where the rubbish on our beaches comes from. If we can stop the litter at source we can make beaches in the UK cleaner and safer places for tourists and visitors.”



After the success of our clean-up of Worthing beach, we decided to do the same at Brighton. Read and watch what we got up to with MCS at Brighton.


Volunteer with Marine Conservation Society

If you're interested in doing your part for Britain's beaches and wildlife and want to volunteer with MCS then all details of how you can become a Beachwatch volunteer are on their website.

To help raise awareness of the work that The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) do, Green People donates 20p from the sale of every Adult Scent Free Sun Cream and Children’s Scent Free Sun Cream to this worthy cause.

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