How to be green & eco in 2020

12/05/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

How to be green & eco in 2020

Do you ever feel like you could be doing more to make greener, more sustainable lifestyle choices? Here we look at the changes we are making to be even more eco in 2020 and explore what you can do too.

How to be more eco every day

These days we’re all aware of the benefits of making plant-based and zero-waste choices but you don’t have to restructure your entire life to help make a difference.

Need some inspiration on how to make greener lifestyle choices? Here our staff reveal the eco-conscious way they’re making 2020 their greenest year yet!




I love to visit new countries and in the past I have travelled on several long-haul plane journeys, which has made me think about my carbon footprint. To reduce my environmental impact, I’ll be holidaying closer to home this year and having a staycation.



I’m about to move to a new house and are taking the opportunity to give my routine and living space an eco-renovation. I’ll be trying to choose green energy providers and I’m planning on car-sharing with colleagues that live nearby to reduce my carbon footprint.



My little village is launching a community clean-up project in 2020. I’ll be getting my young family involved to help them learn about eco issues and take an active role in preserving our local environment.



In my spare time I run a beach clean organisation called Ocean Changes. This year we will be taking the Green People Pamper Van to local beaches and co-ordinating monthly beach cleans.


How is Green People eco?



We make our eco-friendly range of beauty and grooming products with up to 99% naturally nourishing organic ingredients. Great care is taken to keep our environmental impact to a minimum and we only bring a new product to market if we are satisfied with its eco credentials as well as its performance.

We choose to be certified organic not only because it helps to protect the soil for future generations but also because organic certification guarantees that we are using ingredients that are responsibly sourced through honest and ethical farmers.

To achieve organic certification, we must ensure that we are 100% transparent about what goes into our natural beauty products.




To lessen our carbon impact, we manufacture everything in the UK or the EU and keep our use of heavy glass packaging to a minimum.

We also help to absorb carbon from the atmosphere by packaging our marine-friendly sun care in sustainable, renewable sugar cane plastic packaging. We chose this packaging because for every 1 kilo of sugar cane plastic produced, 3 kilos of CO2 gas are removed from the atmosphere. We call this ‘climate positive’.

This year we’ll be extending this packaging to our other ranges and will continue to work towards our pledge of moving all our packaging to more renewable by 2022.




We believe in a greener future and, to give back to planet Earth, we have partnered with the World Land Trust’s tree planting programme. Each month, we will be running a #Sustainablesaturday shopping day and will plant a tree for every order over £40 that we receive!




As a cruelty-free and PETA-approved brand we are staunchly against animal testing and refuse to sell our products in countries where animal testing is obligatory.

It also really concerns us that so many of the planet’s animals and their habitats are under threat. To address this, we’ve partnered with the wildlife protection charity Born Free. Their goal is to create a future where animals thrive in nature and we’re supporting their education programme to help the next generation understand the importance of protecting the natural world from harm.

We’re also determined to help stop deforestation being caused by Palm oil production and ensure that any Palm oil used in Green People products is sourced through agricultural schemes that protect local flora and fauna, and from countries where orang-utans do not have natural habitats.




One condition for achieving organic certification is that growers and producers must get a fair price for their produce and we prefer to source ingredients from organic initiatives that support local communities. One such community is the Himba Tribe who produce the Myrrh used in our organic skin care. A nomadic tribe, the Himba people rely on the sale of their Myrrh to survive and Green People has supported their community for over a decade.

Our nourishing Shea butter comes from a rural women’s collective based in Northern Ghana. This fairly-traded project provides employment, a fair wage and good working conditions for a community of 600 women who produce Shea butter using a traditional method that does not involve synthetic chemicals or solvents.




Our eco-friendly office is committed to recycling and wherever possible we re-use materials. Our small delivery boxes are repurposed and used to pack orders and larger delivery boxes are fed into a machine which transforms them into eco-friendly protection for our packages during transport.

For our Sussex shoppers, we also offer the option of picking-up your order direct from our HQ near Horsham. To use this service, simply give our customer care team a call, place your order and let us know when you’ll be stopping by to pick it up.


Switching to eco beauty products in 2020?

Discover our favourite natural and organic beauty products for your first step to being more green and eco in 2020!

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