Supporting charity with the Green People Bee Hive

18/05/2020 — By Alexandra Julian

Supporting charity with the Green People Bee Hive

You may have heard us talking a while back about our collaboration with Plan Bee, the UK Company that helps protect, nurture and grow bee populations in our communities.


As we’re sure you’ll know, the global bee population is under serious threat and is declining like never before. Strong evidence suggests that neonicotinoid pesticides have a grave impact on bee populations, as well as other species of wildlife such as birds, earthworms and aquatic insects.
Intensive farming is also another huge factor in the decreasing number of bees. The loss and damage of bees natural habitat and the extensive use of pesticides in non-organic farming, only contributes to the lack of biodiversity that is causing a crisis for bee populations.


The Green People Hive

As well as supporting organic farms all over the world which produce our gorgeous ingredients and encourage bee-friendly biodiversity, we decided to do a little something extra to help our precious bees in their time of need.
Last year we donated the children at Chestnut Tree House hospice a beehive to decorate, which would then be placed in a safe, pesticide-free environment to hold a very lucky bee colony.
The children had a lovely day decorating the hive outside in the sunshine and they really made the hive somewhere a bee would be proud to call home!
Chestnut Tree House is a charity that Green People has supported for many years. Just this Christmas the entire team attended the Chestnut Tree House Snowman Spectacular Ball in Brighton which raised an incredible £415,000 for children and young adults with life threatening and life limiting illnesses.

Green People Bee Hive


The Honey

After several months in its new home, the hive has now produced some of the most delicious honey we have ever tasted! Pure, unrefined and organic, some of the honey was sent to Chestnut Tree House and we were lucky enough to receive a few jars ourselves.


This extremely limited edition batch was sold to the Green People team, the proceeds from which are being donated back to Chestnut Tree House.

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