Top 10 tips for flawless foundation

19/05/2020 — By Alexandra Julian

Top 10 tips for flawless foundation

Have you ever wondered how to achieve complexion perfection with your favourite foundation? We've asked Make Up Artist Amy Saunders to reveal her top 10 trade secrets for a radiant glow and flawless finish:

1. Before you buy

Do you test for colour on the back of your hand only to find when you get home the foundation is too dark?

This is a very common mistake women tend to make when choosing the best new foundation. Hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body and can commonly be a few shades darker or redder than the face.

The best places to colour test foundations are along your jaw line or just above your collarbone. If the foundation disappears when applied – you’ve found yourself the perfect shade.


2. Create the perfect base

Preparation is key. Prior to applying your make-up make sure you moisturise well and give it a couple of minutes to settle into your skin.

Be wary of applying too much product on your skin - especially if you use our facial oils - as excess product on the skin can cause foundations to slip.

Blending our facial oils with our serums creates a fantastic base for make-up and is absorbed into the skin very quickly – perfect for those who never have enough time in the mornings.

Remember: a good base will give you a much smoother, even finish to your foundation, so keep your skin nourished and hydrated with our organic skin care range.


organic facial oil



3. Swap that concealer brush for your fingers

Make-up brushes are not always the best way to apply cosmetics. Use clean fingers to apply our concealer.

The warmth from your fingers will help the concealer melt into your skin and blend beautifully, especially around those awkward eye and nose areas.


4. Be a buffing boffin

If you’re going to have just one make-up brush in your life, our Kabuki brush is “the one”. With its soft, dense fibres you’re guaranteed a flawless finish when used with our Pressed Mineral Powders.

Use circular motions clockwise then anti-clockwise to buff the foundation into the skin. This two-way motion will help minimise the appearance of large pores.


pressed powder


5. Go smaller with your tools

A top trick for a flawless finish is to use a smaller brush for those hard-to-reach areas around your eyes and nose, as well as any stubborn blemishes.


6. Less is more

Don’t try to apply your entire base in one go – even if you’re in a rush! The key to a flawless, long-lasting base is building up thin layers until you reach the desired coverage.


7. Mix and match

Most women will find their skin tones change slightly during the year depending on the season. It’s important to have at least two shades that you can blend on your face to create a flawless, natural complexion.

Adding a little extra of the darker shade during the summer months and using more of the lighter shade during the winter months is how you can tackle this change.


8. Go outside and double check

Your foundation should look invisible and leave people wondering if your skin is really that flawless.

To make sure your foundation is the perfect shade for you, check the colour in natural daylight as well as artificial, indoor light.

Artificial lighting can make your foundation look darker and more yellow, so it’s always best to double check.


9. Set and fresh

Set your make-up and give your skin a boost throughout the day with a facial mist. As we go through the day, make-up can lose radiance.

Instantly revive and brighten your mineral make-up with Green People Toning Hydrating Mist. Simply adding a spritz of this unique blend to your pressed mineral powder will intensify the colour and illuminate the reflective minerals of your make-up, giving you a radiant and dewy glow.

This unique, radiance-boosting formula will instantly brighten and recharge the colour pigments in your mineral make-up. Use throughout the day for instant spray-on radiance or go from office to party with just one spritz to revive and refresh your complexion.


toning hydrating mist


10. Add a bit of colour

Foundation can often make your skin look flat once applied – don’t be afraid of blusher to add a little bit of colour back into your cheeks.

Try our Rose Mineral Powder Blush to achieve a delicate, natural look.

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For complexion perfection, try our organic pressed mineral powders. Need some advice? Give us a call on 01403 740350 to find out more.



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