Travel-friendly sun care for winter sun holidays

12/05/2020 — By Alexandra Julian

Travel-friendly sun care for winter sun holidays

The festive season is almost upon us and while for many that means mince pies and mulled wine, others are simply looking forward to an extended break from work and life’s stresses.

The winter holiday is a popular time to recharge and refresh. This might mean checking-in and jetting-off in search of some winter sun so here are some top tips on how you can visit some wonderful places in the most eco-friendly way.


Greenest travel destinations

Costa Rica

A country that’s been focussing on safeguarding its natural rainforest and has this year gone a record 150 days using only renewable energy, Costa Rica is a conservation haven. That said, you’ll have to ramp up your carbon footprint to get there from the UK so you would be wise to choose direct flights using an airline that supports the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) agreement that caps carbon emissions.


Although it offers limited hours of daylight during the winter (that doesn’t mean the sun won’t penetrate unprotected skin so you should still apply sun lotion when out and about), Iceland is one of “the” eco-friendly tourist hot spots. Another country that relies on natural energy sources, there are plenty of spas built into the natural volcanic surroundings – the perfect places to enjoy your favourite Green People natural skin care products. 


The Austrian government takes the environment seriously and it’s a clean, green country with protected forests and crystal-clear waters. It’s also the perfect destination for cross-country skiing. With no need for chairlifts and heated lodges, this is the most eco-friendly way to get some slope action. Accessible from the UK via rail, cities like Vienna offer cheap rental bikes as an easy, environmentally sound way for visitors to find their way around. 


Green People winter sun skin saviours

Facial Sun Cream Scent Free SPF30

Don’t forget to cover your face! This is probably the most exposed part of the body (particularly when visiting winter sun destinations that are not cut-out for sun bathing).  

As well as shielding you from harmful UVA & UVB rays, this scent-free cream is ideal for sensitive skin conditions, is easy to apply and is anti-ageing too. 

Family Sun Starter Pack

This handy pack contains the basics for a short eco-friendly trip. With high factor organic sun lotion for all the family, even the most sensitive skins will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays, no matter the time of year or travel destination. 


Scent Free Facial Sun Cream - SPF30 50ml

Scent Free Facial Sun Cream - SPF30 50ml

High factor, scent-free SPF30 facial sun cream for sensitive skin


Family Sun Starter Kit

Family Sun Starter Kit

Try out our sensitive, natural sun creams with this discovery-size trio



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