Why you should be using a night cream

18/05/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

Why you should be using a night cream

You might not realise it, but your skin behaves differently at certain times of the day. To give your complexion the best care possible it’s important that you tailor your skin care and develop both a day and night routine that meets the many needs of your skin.

Here we explore the benefits of using a night cream and help you to choose the best organic night cream for your skin.

Is there a difference between day cream and night cream?

During the day, skin is exposed to UV light, blue light, changes in temperature and an onslaught of dirt, pollution and bacteria. These factors unbalance the skin and can contribute to breakouts, sensitivity, fine lines and wrinkles.

Our skin produces extra oil during the day to defend itself and applying a day moisturiser can help to boost your skin’s defences.

To help protect your skin from dirt and pollution, opt for skin care containing antioxidant ingredients like Seaweed, Green Tea and Rosemary. Our Day Solution SPF15 Moisturiser combines safe, non-toxic UV protection with Rosemary and Green Tea and is the ideal everyday anti-pollution moisturiser.

day solution spf15

For extra skin defence and hydration apply our Seaweed-rich Hydrating Firming Serum underneath.

It is not necessary to defend your skin from daylight in the evening therefore SPF is not added to night creams.

Day Solution Cream SPF15 50ml

Day Solution Cream SPF15 50ml

An essential skin defence moisturiser with SPF15 UV protection


Hydrating Firming Serum 50ml

Hydrating Firming Serum 50ml

An anti-ageing serum to lock in moisture, firm and plump the skin



What does a night cream do?

All Green People night creams are densely packed with nutrients that work overnight to help your skin to remove waste, replenish lost nutrients and repair damage caused during the day.

This repair process requires a multitude of nourishing vitamins and minerals, and because our night creams contain a high percentage of plant actives, they are typically richer and thicker than our day moisturisers.

How to apply a night cream

Our skin works hard to repair itself overnight and one of the main processes it completes is the removal of waste from the surface of the skin. To do this the skin needs to breathe, so it is important to thoroughly cleanse your face before you go to sleep.

In addition to removing dirt and make-up, cleansing helps stimulate blood circulation so that your skin can better absorb the nutrients in your moisturiser.

To achieve the perfect night-time cleanse, use a cleansing balm, cream cleanser or face wash and follow our top cleansing tips.

Once your skin is clean, apply your night cream to the skin whilst it is still moist. This will help trap moisture into the skin to keep it well hydrated whilst you sleep.

Tapping the moisturiser into the skin will help it to be absorbed and can also boost circulation and increase the flow of nutrients around the body.

night cream


You’re never too old or too young to develop a good evening skin care regime but the night cream you need will vary depending on your age and skin type.

Which night cream is best for your skin types?


Those with dry skin might be tempted to use a thick night cream but using a thick moisturiser may block your pores and prevent the skin from removing waste products. To avoid blocked pores, be sure to exfoliate your skin regularly.

Not only will this help remove dead skin cells from the skin surface, it will also help the skin to absorb serums, face creams and oils more effectively.

If your skin feels dry or tight avoid alcohol-based skin care and consider applying a Rosehip or Jojoba based facial oil and a light serum instead of a moisturiser. Jojoba and Rosehip oil work in synergy to restore skin’s suppleness and elasticity, and are key ingredients in our luxuriously light Anti-Ageing Facial Oil.

Those with dry skin should also aim to get a full 8 hours of sleep as cellular repair is greatest when the skin is at rest.

facial oil for night


Oily and acne-prone skin produces more sebum than other skin types. This makes the skin more vulnerable to spots but less likely to become dry.

To prevent breakouts, it is important to thoroughly cleanse the pores at night to allow the skin to breathe. Heavy moisturisers may block the pores and those with acne-prone skin may choose not to wear moisturiser at night.

If you do want to apply moisturiser, opt for a light cream or serum that contains natural skin-purifying actives such as Willow Bark, Green Tea and Prebiotics. These prevent acne bacteria and are all key ingredients in our Oy! Clear Skin Cleansing Moisturiser which can also be worn as a day moisturiser.

oy moisturiser


Combination skin can be tricky to manage but our Fruitful Nights night cream is packed with organic plant actives that can solve your skin problems as you sleep.

  • Extracts from Pineapple, Hibiscus and Raspberry reveal younger, smoother skin, balance oily areas and reduce pigmentation
  • Rosehip oil has tissue-regenerating properties and helps to reduce wrinkles
  • Jojoba oil protects against trans-epidermal water loss and helps to balance sebum levels
  • Hemp Seed oil is rich in Omega-3&6 and keeps skin soft and supple.

fruitful night cream


If the sting of sensitive skin is stopping you from getting your beauty sleep, be sure to avoid alcohol-based skin care and fragrance.

This can aggravate delicate skin and leave it feeling dry and sore. Instead opt for a moisturiser containing plant oils.

We recommend our nourishing Scent Free 24 Hour Cream. This can be applied day and night and contains a moisture-retaining complex which keeps the skin smooth and hydrated.


scent free night cream

How has using a night cream changed your skin? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK or get advice about our organic night creams from our friendly customer care team on 01403 740350.

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