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Choosing the best men's deodorant for sensitive skin

10/09/2019 by Alexandra

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This guide provides information on the reasons many men are sensitive to their deodorants. We look at the chemical ingredients in many UK men's antiperspirants and deodorants which can cause irritation and at the organic men's deodorants that are the best for sensitive skin.

Sensitive to conventional men’s deodorants?

Our natural and organic men's deodorants are ideal if you have sensitive skin as they do not contain any harsh, irritating ingredients.

Many men can find that they are sensitive to high street brands of deodorant or antiperspirant, suffering red, itchy, irritated or stinging armpits. Armpits are also a particular hotspot for eczema, leaving those affected needing a gentle deodorant suitable for eczema.

Aerosol antiperspirants are a particular risk for those with sensitive skin, as they often contain highly volatile chemicals that have potential for irritation.

" Aerosol antiperspirants are a particular risk for those with sensitive skin. "

Our best deodorants for men with sensitive skin

Our natural and organic men's deodorants are suitable for men who may be prone to eczema or sensitive skin as they do not contain any harsh, irritating ingredients. Amongst their many benefits, they:

  • Keep you fresh without blocking pores
  • Contain 99.7% natural ingredients
  • Are certified organic by EcoCert and Organic Food Federation
  • Are ideal for sensitive skin

Green People for Men offers 2 roll-on deodorants for sensitive skin which have strong and effective antibacterial properties, derived from natural ingredients like Potassium alum, Zinc ricinoleate derived from castor oil, and essential oils.

These offer natural control of body odour without suppressing the vital function of perspiration.

Organic Homme 8 Stay Fresh Deodorant 75ml

Green People for Men - No. 8 Thyme & Prebiotics Deodorant 75ml

Roll-on men's deodorant for all skin types

Organic Homme 9 Stay Cool Deodorant 75ml

Green People for Men - No. 9 Mint & Prebiotics Deodorant 75ml

Minty roll-on men's deodorant for all skin types


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3 causes of sensitivity to men's deodorants

1. Aluminium chlorohydrate

The first is aluminium chlorohydrate (or aluminium zirconium chlorohydrate), which in fact is used in antiperspirants rather than deodorants. It is this ingredient which stops you sweating.

It works by reacting with the protein molecules present in perspiration, entering the pores in your skin and turning into a gel. This blocks the pores and stops sweat from being secreted.

These ingredients are known to cause contact dermatitis in people with sensitive skin and have also been linked with other health risks.

2. Synthetic fragrances

Many men’s deodorants are strongly scented with artificial fragrances. These are often labelled 'parfum' on the label but actually consist of a complex blend of chemicals, many of which may cause reactions in individuals with sensitive skin.

Fragrance allergies affect around 4% of the population and research from Denmark shows that men are particularly likely to suffer an allergy to the fragrance in their deodorant.

3. Alcohol

The last ingredient used in men’s deodorants which can cause sensitivity is alcohol (ethyl alcohol/ethanol). This strong irritant is often added to deodorants but can be drying to the delicate skin on your underarm and may lead to reactions.

Green People deodorants never contain these ingredients

Our UK customer care team is happy to help with any questions you may have about our organic men's deodorants for sensitive skin. Please call us on 01403 740350 or leave a comment or question below.

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