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Save with organic beauty bundles

Packed with plant goodness as always, the products in each bundle have been chosen as they work perfectly in combination to protect and nourish skin and hair.

What our customers say...

"I am so impressed by this product because the first time in 30 years I didn’t get prickly heat on holiday!!!"
SPF30 Sun & After Sun Bundle - sun cream and after sun tubes

SPF30 Sun & After Sun Bundle

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Amy T.

Verified Buyer

"I bought the suncream and after sun lotion for our family holiday. Really impressed."
children's spf30 sun cream + after sun lotion

Children’s SPF30 Sun Bundle

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Stephanie F.

Verified Buyer

"These products are so lovely - smell like a spa and leave my hair soft and shiny."
Protein-Boost Hair Routine with shampoo, conditioner and styling gel

Protein-Boost Hair Routine

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Medha G.

Verified Buyer

"Great bundle.The suntan lotion definitely promotes a tan and the after sun is very cooling."
spf15 sun cream + hydrating after sun - 200ml

SPF15 Sun & After Sun Bundle

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Pam M.

Verified Buyer

"Love these products, they smell and feel great and this bundle is the perfect combination for summer."

Hannah M.

Verified Buyer

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