Best hand luggage beauty buys for summer holidays
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Best hand luggage beauty buys for summer holidays

Planning a trip? Travelling light?  To help you travel with ease this summer, we’ve got all the latest rules on packing skin care into hand luggage, plus some fantastic summer skin care recommendations for travelling light on your summer holiday.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

Planning a trip? Travelling light? 

To help you travel with ease this summer, we’ve got all the latest rules on packing skin care into hand luggage, plus some fantastic summer skin care recommendations for travelling light on your summer holiday.

Travel with confidence with our organic skin care and natural sun creams. Discover travel-sized SPFs for everyday protection, wherever you are in the world.


Can you take skin care in hand luggage?

Skin care, hair care and body care products are all perfectly permitted in hand luggage but there are some rules you’ll need to follow. is the best place to go for the latest guidance on UK hand luggage restrictions for travel toiletries. Currently, they say that liquid beauty products, e.g. skin care, hair care, deodorants, toothpaste and sun cream are permitted in hand luggage so long as each bottle is 100ml or less. 

To pass through airport security, all liquid toiletries and beauty products must also fit in a transparent, resealable plastic bag, measuring 20cm x 20cm[i].

Whilst this can be challenging, travel minis and multi-purpose products can be great space savers when travelling without a suitcase.

Enjoy speedy basket boarding and shop our travel minis with these quick links


Best facial sun cream for hand luggage

Sun cream is a holiday hand luggage essential. To save space, pack a moisturiser that contains SPF. For high factor sun protections whilst you travel, choose Age Defy+ Daily Defence SPF30 which comes in a 30ml tube and is also available in a 10ml tester tube.

Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturisers
are also great facial SPFs for hand luggage and offer moisturiser, make-up and SPF15 all within one 50ml product!

Use in the daytime for a smooth, even complexion, SPF15 protection and long-lasting skin hydration. In the evening, use this skin care/make-up hybrid hero to add a touch of glamour to your summer nights out.


Best body sun cream for hand luggage

To make it easy to protect skin when you pack light, our natural and organic adult sun creams are available in travel-friendly 100ml tubes and offer effective SPF15 or SPF30 sun protection.

Be sure to take enough for you to apply regularly and liberally, and remember your after sun!

Scent Free Sun Cream SPF30 is Oliver's hand luggage hero:


Customer review



Shop all travel size-sunscreen.


Best hair care for hand luggage

Our travel-friendly, natural shampoo bars are perfect for hand-luggage. Every 50g bar lasts for up to 60 washes and is so rich in conditioning actives that there’s no need to pack conditioner.

Better still, these natural shampoo bars are waterless, meaning they won’t spill and they won't count towards your liquid allowance at the security gate.

Clare P loves that Scent Free Shampoo bar is waterless and can be packed in her holiday hand luggage.

What a revelation! I was very excited to find that Green People were producing a scent-free shampoo bar, having successfully used GP shampoo and conditioner for several years on my extremely sensitive scalp. This lathers well, and the conditioning wax means I don't need to use an additional conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft. I also used the bar as a body wash on my recent holiday, and will replace using my GP scent-free shower gel when I run out. This product saves water, time and packaging and is great for the planet. It was also easy to take in hand luggage through the airport as no liquids involved. Well done, Green People


Nishat chooses says Scent Free Shampoo bar is perfect for when you need to pack light.

A great clean for sensitive scalps and perfect for travel

I haven't had to wash my hair as much as I usually would since using this because it gives such a thorough clean - even after being in the pool and sea on holiday. I have a sensitive, itchy scalp and frizzy hair, and this was great for both. Very practical and lightweight for travel, too, and I found massaging the bar into my hair/scalp was much easier to use on my thick hair in comparison to having to go back for more pumps from a bottle. I usually like a light scent, so was a little apprehensive about this being scent free or leaving my hair with that soapy smell, but it just left my hair smelling clean and fresh.



Best toothpaste for hand luggage

For a travel-friendly toothpaste, pack a toothpaste that comes in a 50ml or 75ml squeezy tube.

We have a selection of natural and organic toothpastes to choose from, including a classic Minty Cool flavour and versions with and without fluoride.


View all toothpaste.


Best deodorant for hand luggage

All Green People deodorants are 75ml and have a roll-on format which is perfect for travel.

Ideal for those that experience prickly heat when away from home, our natural deodorants and keep underarms fresh without clogging pores and come in a choice of 7 scent options.

For a summer fresh scent choose Aloe Vera & Prebiotics or Quinoa & Prebiotics.



Do you need help shopping for hand-luggage friendly skin care and toiletries? Our friendly UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.




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