Do your products contain nuts?

01/05/2020 —  By Alexandra Julian

Do your products contain nuts?

If people have severe allergies to nuts, then it would be wisest to avoid all products made in premises that use or handle nuts. 

Although many of our products are made without nut-sourced ingredients, because almond oil is present on the premises there is always a risk of accidental contamination, albeit extremely slight. 

If the allergies are not severe, then any of our products that do not actually contain nut derivatives should be fine.  It is worth knowing that allergies are generally triggered by protein molecules. 

Plant oils are comprised of the oil or lipid part of the seed or nut, and generally have little or no protein content.  Therefore, in all but the most severe cases of allergy, plant oils are normally well tolerated even when the whole seed or nut may cause problems.

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