How do I find the expiry date of my product?

09/07/2020 —  By Rachel Ulderigo

How do I find the expiry date of my product?

The shelf life unopened of Green People products is 30 months (2.5 years) from manufacture date. To find the manufacture date, look at the crinkled join at the top of a tube or the back of the bottle (pump) and you will notice some numbers embossed into it. The date of manufacture is in the form MM/YY/DD. 

If the product has been opened, the shelf life is indicated by an “Open Jar” symbol accompanied by the time in months that the product should be used within. In the case of Green People products, this is either six months (6m) or twelve months (12m) depending on the type of product.  

We hope that answered your question! 

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