Natural ways to help stop mosquito bites at night

Natural ways to help stop mosquito bites at night

There’s no need to lose sleep over itchy insect bites. In this post, we share natural tips for helping to help stop mosquitoes from biting you at night and help you to choose the best natural insect repellent protection product for your needs.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

There’s no need to lose sleep over itchy insect bites. In this post, we share natural tips for helping to help stop mosquitoes from biting you at night and help you to choose the best natural insect repellent protection product for your needs.

When are mosquitoes most active?

Whilst you might associate mosquitoes with hot climates there’s more than 30 species of mosquito that are native to the UK! Mosquito season typically coincides with British Summer Time, and they particularly love warm and damp weather. You may notice them any time from April through to October in the UK.  

Mosquitoes are typically most active at dawn and dusk but they are active all night so there’s a chance of being bitten at any time whilst you are sleeping.

The combination of warm weather and their nocturnal activity means that leaving doors open in the evening and windows open at nighttime are a common reason that many people find they are getting mosquito bites at night.

Insect repellent at night

Why protect your skin from mosquito bites?

In some parts of the world mosquitoes carry deadly diseases such as Dengue Fever.

Thankfully, in the UK and Europe mosquitoes are more of a pest than a health threat but, as female mosquitoes are known to pierce human skin and leave itchy insect bites, you should always insect repellent before you go out on a summer’s evening.

Easy right? Well, not if you have sensitive skin...

DEET-free ways to stop mosquitoes biting at night

Many insect repellents contain the highly effective anti-mosquito repellent DEET. Whilst this is great at discouraging bug bites, it is also known to irritate sensitive skin and is not always suitable for use on young children or pregnant women.

As experts in sensitive skin, we believe that everyone should be able to protect their skin against insect bites without the worry of skin irritation and that’s why we only use natural, DEET-free insect repellents in our summer skin protection products.

Insect repellent

Shop natural products with Citrepel®75

Derived from Java Citronella, Citrepel®75 is clinically proven to give 4-hour protection against mosquitoes, midges and more, and that’s with just one application. Best of all, all the family can use it, including pregnant women and children aged 6 months+.

Protect in early evening with SPF15 Sun Cream with Natural Insect Repellent then soothe and protect as the sun goes down with Moisturising After Sun with Natural Insect Repellent.

To protect and help repel mosquitoes in the evening:

To hydrate and help repel mosquitoes at night:

3 natural tips to stop mosquitoes biting at night

Pesky mosquitoes don’t need to spoil your summer. Try our natural tips for stopping mosquitoes biting you at night and see if you can stop your skin from becoming a mosquitoes’ next meal ticket.

1. Cover up

One of the easiest ways to protect your skin for the sting of insect bites is to cover up, but that needn’t come at the cost of your style!

Heading out for an alfresco dinner or a riverside walk? Keep your skin cool and protected with long linen trousers and a relaxed fit cotton shirt.

Insect repellent

It is thought that mosquitoes are more attracted to heat absorbing dark colours so show off some summer style with a crisp white shirt or a pastel pant suit.

Heading to bed? Wear cotton pyjamas and keep arms and legs under a light duvet or cover.

Did you know that global warming could trigger a mozzie migration?

Rising temperatures and frequent flooding may that mean non-native mosquito colonies start to spread their wings and flourish in Europe[i].

2. Be scent savvy

Could your perfume be making you a magnet for mosquitoes at night? If you’re prone to insect bites, try trading in your heavily fragranced toiletries for unperfumed alternatives such as our Scent Free Shower Gel and Scent Free Deodorant. Rich in moisture-binding actives, they’re great for keeping you feel fresh and comfortable in warm summer weather. 

Once your skin is clean and dry, soothe and replenish with our Moisturising After Sun with Natural Insect Repellent. Fortified with our natural insect repellent, this soothing skin cream is subtly scented with Lavender and Peppermint, two essential oils that mosquitoes cannot stand!

3. Watch out around water

As mosquitoes lay their larvae in water, they tend to linger around lakesides. That means that those that enjoy summer walks next to the waterside should make sure that they cover up and apply plenty of insect repellent before they set off.

Sleeping under canvas? Campers wishing to avoid mosquito bites at night should pitch their tent away from lakes and bodies of water. You may also want to hook up a mosquito net to further help stop biting insects from interrupting your snooze under the stars.

Insect Repellent

Even your garden can be a hot spot for mozzies. That’s because stagnant water can sit in bird baths, gutters, water butts and watering cans, attracting mosquitoes looking for spots to lay their larvae.

If you find that your garden is abuzz with mosquitoes, drain away sitting water regularly, swap your shorts for long shirts and trousers, and always apply plenty of after sun with natural insect repellent before you commence any pruning.

Discover natural sun protection

Look after your skin in the sun with our best-selling natural and organic sun care collection. We hope that these natural tips will help you to stop mosquitoes from biting at night.


If you have any questions about Green People’s natural and organic products with insect repellent, our friendly UK customer care team are always happy to help. Please contact us via the chat function on our website or by calling 01403 740350.



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