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Our Ingredients


Bamboo Stem extract is comprised largely of silica particles extracted from the stalks of the Bamboo plant.

It acts as a physical exfoliator that lifts and removes excess dead cells from the skin surface without aggravating or irritating the delicate living cells under the skin surface.

Gentle yet effective physical exfoliator


Our organic Beeswax is gathered from certified organic hives, sited well away from areas which have been treated with synthetic agricultural chemicals.

Used to give substance and texture to creams, butters and salves, Beeswax also helps to lock in the hydration from your moisturizers, serums and oils, keeping skin feeling soft and hydrated for longer. Beeswax is naturally water resistant and gives organic staying power to make-up, without blocking pores or preventing skin from breathing.


This organic extract is obtained using a patented process from fresh buds of the Beech tree (also known as the Everlasting Youth Tree) which are especially rich in a range of phytostimulines including hormones, flavonoids and peptides which in turn stimulate cellular metabolism.

The fresh buds contain extremely rich energetic reserves which stimulate the metabolism of the cells. An exceptional active ingredient, it:

Smoothes the micro-relief of the epidermis to reduce the appearance for fine lines and wrinkles
Restores the hydration of the skin


Blackcurrants, originating from Northern Europe, have been cultivated as a food for at least 1000 years. However Blackcurrant Seed oil also has a range of potent skin benefits:

Very rich in Omega-3&6 essential fatty acids – up to 20% Omega-6
High levels of alpha-linoleic acid and Gamma-linolenic acid
Suitable for people who may be prone to itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis


In cosmetics, Calendula is used principally for its:

Moisturising benefits
Soothing properties for inflamed skin

Calendula Flowers contain a wide range of active compounds including flavonoids, phenols, tannins, carotenoids and coumanins.


Clary Sage was highly esteemed in the Middle Ages and introduced to Britain in 1562.

A balancing oil equally suitable for maturing and acne prone skin.
Sweet, slightly floral, nutty and herbaceous aroma
Antiseptic and astringent properties and cleanses clogged pores.
Steam distillation of the leaves and flowering tops

Clary Sage oil also stimulates blood circulation to the surface of the skin, is anti-inflammatory and improves the skin's appearance. A useful oil for sufferers of eczema and psoriasis.


Evening Primrose oil originated in the Central Americas but is now cultivated worldwide.

Rich source of Gamma Linolenic Acid, an Omega-6 essential fatty acid
Promotes healthy looking skin by helping to retain moisture
Helps to prevent the appearance of premature ageing
Suitable for skin prone to inflammation


Marshmallow root contains significant amounts of mucilage which makes it an excellent emollient with soothing and calming effects on the skin.

Marshmallow extract also helps to maintain moisture levels of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Soothing and calming
Reduces the appearance of redness
Maintains moisture levels


Cranberry originated in North America and is now grown across the Northern Hemisphere.

Early European settlers thought the flower, stem, and petals resembled the neck, head, and bill of a crane, and called the plant 'Craneberry' which has since become what we call it today - cranberry.

The plant is also known as 'Mossberry'.
Unique 1:1 balance of Omega-3&6 fatty acids together with Omega-9
Rich in antioxidants to help reduce free radical activity
Rich in Tocopherols, Tocotrienols and Phytosterols
Easily absorbed into the skin, promotes instant moisturization and skin smoothness


Mandarins originate from China and were introduced to Europe in the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Mandarin essential oil has both sedative and strengthening properties.

Delicate, sweet and zesty scent
Has excellent cleansing properties and is ideal for skin prone to spots and blemishes
Produced through expression from the peel


Everlasting Flower extract is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols which together have protective antioxidant properties.

In cosmetics it is ideal for use in products aimed at reducing the appearance of ageing on the skin.


Originally from Asia, this energizing, uplifting and refreshing oil is known to relieve fatigue and stress.

The antiseptic property makes it beneficial for oral infections and minor infections on skin.

Grapefruit oil is also known to boost the lymphatic system and particularly good for oily skin.

Antiviral and antimicrobial properties to keeps skin clean
Rich in antioxidant, nourishing benefits
Expression of the peel
Light, fresh and tangy aroma


Green Tea has been consumed as a beverage for over 4,000 years, first originating in China. It’s stimulating and health giving properties have been well known for many generations.

Rich source of antioxidants to help reduce free radical activity
Helps to maintain healthy looking skin


Hemp seed oil is one of the world's richest sources of polyunsaturated fats, including both Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids.

Excellent natural emollient and moisturizer
Soothes and comforts dry or damaged skin
Penetrates easily into skin, leaving it soft and supple
Good for normal, large-pored and oily skin, as well as people prone to psoriasis, eczema or acne


The Jojoba bush thrives in desert conditions and originated in central America. The seeds contain a liquid wax that closely matches the fatty acid profile found in human sebum

It forms a transparent, protective film on the skin, which reduces water loss from the skin surface. The oil is an occlusive moisturizer and a skin emollient.

Highly penetrative with excellent softening and moisture retaining properties
Rich in Omega-7 and -9 fatty acids
Provides a non-sticky, light and soft skin feel suitable for all skin types

Jojoba is also a classic oil for hair packs and treatments due to the fact that it is not very greasy and can easily be washed out.


Originates from China, was introduced to Europe in the eighteenth century and is well-known for its uplifting as well as refreshing and relaxing properties.

Fresh, sweet, citrus aroma
Soothing for dry, irritated skin
Obtained by expression from the peel


Lemons are native to Asia and are first to have thought to have arrived in Europe around the 1st century AD.

Lemon peel oil stimulates clear thinking and is known for its antibacterial and tonic properties as well as stopping bleeding in minor cuts and wounds.

Sharp, clean and fresh scent
Good for greasy skin with an antiseptic, astringent action
Brightens a pale, dull complexion and helpful in lightening age spots
Produced through expression from the peel


Lavender grows wild along the Mediterranean coast and is thought to have been introduced by the Romans to England.

It is an incredibly versatile and useful essential oil. It is antiseptic and is suitable for use by people prone to skin inflammation, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, scarring and burns.

Lavender has a calming effect and is ideal for insomnia and nervous tension.
A light, fresh and slightly sweet floral aroma
Soothing and calming effect on skin
Produced through steam distillation from the flowering tops


Neroli oil, also known as Orange Blossom oil, is produced from the flowers of the Bitter Orange tree. This tree is native to China and was introduced to Europe by the Portuguese in the twelfth century.

Neroli is considered to be amongst one of the finest perfumery ingredients. It calms the mind and is a valuable remedy for shock.

Delicate, sweet, floral aroma
Rejuvenating, tones the complexion and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles
Beneficial for all skin types, especially if there is dryness, redness or irritation


Lemongrass is grown in India, Sri Lanka, Guatemala and Africa and has traditionally been used for infectious diseases.

Lemongrass is purifying, has strong bactericide properties and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.

Powerful, sweet and lemony scent
Strong antiseptic and deodorizing properties
Steam distillation of the leaves


Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean and since ancient times, olive oil has been used as an anti-ageing remedy, as a cleanser and a moisturizer.

Rich in Squalane, which is ideal for skin prone to dermatitis, eczema, acne and psoriasis
Antioxidants help to reduce free radical activity and vitamin E helps to maintain elasticity
Good for mature or dry skin
Deep penetration without clogging pores

Olive oil also contains essential fatty acids that dry skin needs, including oleic, palmitic, and linoleic acids. It also contains phenolic compounds that provide antioxidant benefit.

Applied externally it is useful for dehydrated, sore and inflamed skin and is also used as a remedy for arthritis when rubbed onto the affected parts.


Thought to have originated in the Middle East, with a recorded history of several millennia, the pomegranate is one of the most ancient fruits known to have been cultivated by humans

Moisturizing, nourishing and balancing properties
Suitable for both very young skin and older, mature skin types
Soothing and calming
It takes over 500 pounds of fresh pomegranates to produce one pound of Pomegranate seed oil


Originating around the Indo-Chinese border, Perilla is now cultivated as a food source throughout the Far East. It is widely used in shaving oils, hair conditioners, face and body lotions and soaps.

The oil extracted from the seeds contains exceptionally high levels (over 50%) of Omega-3 fatty acids
Powerful antioxidant properties protect these fatty acids from oxidative damage
Soothing action, ideal for use on skin prone to eczema, dermatitis and acne
Retains moisture in the skin to prevent dryness


Native of the Mediterranean and evidence of use was found in an Egyptian tomb dating back to 1000 BC. The plant is named after Mentha, a nymph in Greek mythology and much loved by Pluto. Pluto’s wife was so jealous that she trod Mentha into the ground. Pluto however, turned her into the herb Peppermint.

Used to aid concentration, stimulate the mind and relieve indigestion, migraine and sinus problems.
Strong, fresh, sharp and menthol-like aroma
Cooling properties
Ideal for use on skin that is prone to itching and rashes.
Steam distillation of the leaves


Geranium is native to South Africa and related to Cranesbill, and valued as a medicinal herb.

It is valuable for both congested and oily skin as well as very dry skin.
A distinctive fresh, sweet and rose-like aroma
Suitable for use on all skin types, including those prone to acne, broken capillaries, congested skin, dermatitis and eczema
Steam distillation of the leaves


Extracted from the seeds of the Musk Rose which is thought to have originated in the foothills of the Himalayas, this species of rose has been cultivated for over 500 years and is grown commercially in the Southern Andes in Chile.

Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Ideal for sensitive skin or when skin is exposed to UV light or radiation
High levels of Linoleic (Omega-6) and Linolenic (Omega-3) essential fatty acids


Pronounced ‘keen-wa’, this nutrient rich plant originates from South America, where it has been grown as a nourishing grain crop for centuries.

Quinoa protein has a strong conditioning effect on the hair to enhance its softness and shine, making it more manageable and easier to style.
Coating every hair shaft, Quinoa delivers volume and body for hair that looks thicker and fuller.

Makes hair look thicker and fuller with more volume
Enhances hair color and shine
Reduces the appearance of fading of tinted hair


Seaweed extract is rich in mucilage which forms a gel-like structure when fully hydrated, increasing spreadability of creams and lotions on the skin and increasing hydration of the skin.

This helps to lock water into the outer skin layers to maintain moisture levels and prevent dryness.

Rich source of minerals and trace elements essential for normal skin cell function
Increases skin hydration
Plumps the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Smoothes the skin surface


The Shea tree grows wild in West Africa and the butter is made from the Shea nuts.

The fairly traded Shea butter in our products is produced by a women’s co-operative in northern Ghana.

Protective properties and is great for dry, sore skin
Has excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties
Rich in vitamins A & E and essential fatty acids
Naturally occurring antioxidants help reduce free radical activity


Sandalwood has a long history of use in India, widely used at funerals to help free the soul. It is an important perfume ingredient with a long lasting scent and is often used as a fixative for other essential oils.

The warm, rich oil is also said to be a true aphrodisiac and used in meditation to help focus the mind.

The Sandalwood oil we use is sourced sustainably from New Caledonia and Australia.

Sweet, warm, woody aroma with a delicate, spicy undertone
Excellent for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin
Steam distillation of the heartwood


The main component of Sunflower oil is linoleic acid.

It also contains other fatty acids including oleic acid and palmitic acid, as well as lecithin, carotenoids, tocopherols and reasonable quantities of vitamins A and D.

Calming, softening and soothing on the skin
Helps skin to retain moisture
Suitable for skin that is prone to acne, eczema, inflammation, redness and irritation
Rich in vitamin E and other nutrients and antioxidants


Tea Tree was traditionally used by the Australian Aborigines for its medicinal properties. The British colonists used it as a substitute brew for tea, therefore the name Tea Tree.

Tea Tree is very effective in clearing infected wounds and is excellent for many types of skin problems. It is so well recognized that all Australian forces in WWII were issued with a bottle of Tea Tree oil as part of their first-aid kit.

Fresh, sharp, medicinal and camphorous aroma
An excellent cleanser and deodoriser


Yucca extract contains natural saponins that have foaming properties to boost the activity of the other foaming agents used in shampoos and shower gels.

It also has calming and soothing properties on the skin making it suitable for use in products aimed at sensitive skin types.

Boosts foaming properties
Calming and soothing on skin
Suitable for sensitive skin

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