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5 eco-friendly summer holiday tips

16/04/2019 by Poppy

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If you’re looking forward to a summer holiday, whether it’s an action packed adventure, city break or relaxing beach getaway, here are five easy ways to make your trip a little kinder to the planet without scrimping on the fun.

1. Choose the right destination

We all know that air travel is highly polluting, so choosing a destination that is closer to home can reduce your holiday carbon footprint dramatically. Avoid flying short haul where possible (under 500km) and ask yourself whether you can travel to your destination by train or car instead of flying. If you do choose to fly you can research airlines that have higher occupancy rates and more efficient aircraft.

You may also wish to consider using a carbon offsetting scheme to make your summer holiday more eco-friendly. Projects that help to reduce emissions by planting trees can be very inexpensive, around £10 could be enough to offset a flight from London to New York.

2. Be wary of all-inclusive

As convenient as it may be to have all your meals in the hotel, it can be detrimental to the local economy that may rely on income from tourists. All-inclusive resorts have a tendency to source food cheaply, which doesn’t necessarily mean locally, so explore outside the resort to help support the community. Eat at local, independent restaurants – that’s where the best and most authentic food is anyway!

3. Pack a marine-friendly sun lotion

25% of your sun lotion can be washed off during a 20 minute dip in the sea. Some high street sun lotions contain oestrogen mimicking chemicals that can have a gender bending effect on aquatic life. They can also cause coral bleaching which is a dangerous threat to marine biodiversity.

Green People’s natural and organic sun creams are a must for an eco-friendly summer holiday. They are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin. They contain no harsh chemicals and won’t cause damage to marine wildlife; even the packaging is recyclable. These highly effective, broad-spectrum sun lotions for adults and children are suitable for sensitive skin and those prone to eczema and prickly heat.

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4. The small things matter

Simple things make all the difference when added together. Where possible try to use electronic tickets on your phone rather than printing them on paper. This may not seem like much but with a holiday jam-packed with activities, travel and hotel bookings that each require a ticket, a little goes a long way.

Other simple but easily forgotten things are to recycle your rubbish, take your own water bottles rather than buying disposable ones and bring reusable shopping bags on holiday shopping sprees. You probably do these things at home already but why stop while you’re away?

5. Enjoy and respect nature

One of the best things about going on an eco holiday is enjoying the breath-taking scenery and wildlife. Be sure to respect nature by taking your rubbish away with you and leaving things just as you found them. Try not to disturb wildlife and stick to the footpaths to ensure those unspoilt vistas are around for many years to come.

If you are planning to wild-camp be sure to stock up on non-toxic cosmetics, such as natural shower gels, that won’t have adverse effects on the environment when washed onto the ground or into the water

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