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The dangers of deodorant sprays

27/04/2018 by Alexandra

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Many of us have been hit by the over-powering smell of a spray deodorant in an enclosed place such as a train carriage or shop but experts are calling for the dangers of spray deodorants to be made more obvious.

Over-using spray deodorants has become such a common problem among teenagers in particular that teachers have even taken to social media to complain and share anecdotes about teaching through the fog of deodorant.

Should we be encouraging our teenagers to switch to natural roll-on deodorants instead?

Dangerous health effects of spray deodorants

Increasingly worrying side effects of spray deodorants have been noticed. Experts have warned that over-using spray deodorants leads to inhaling chemicals from the aerosols that can cause allergic skin reactions, asthma and breathing difficulties.

With an aerosol the fine mists of spray are easily inhaled and despite labels on deodorant aerosols instructing you not to use them in confined spaces most people don’t go outside to spray deodorant.

Most people will use them in a bathroom or bedroom with the doors and windows closed.

Cans of spray deodorant also specifically say you should not spray your whole body but teenage boys in particular are more self-conscious about their self-image and peer pressure at school and often will cover themselves head to toe in these products.

A consultant heart specialist at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, England, explains how death caused by inhalation of spray deodorants occurs: “If oxygen is not being breathed in and something else is inhaled such as chemicals then suffocation can occur and the heart stops.”

Clearer warnings and choose natural

Despite there being several warnings on the backs of the canisters of leading spray deodorants advising to use the products in ‘short bursts in well ventilated spaces’, Dr Peter Dingle, an environmental scientist and consultant toxicologist, states that “If two children have died by spraying deodorants in a confined space there will be countless more spraying the same way.”

Dr Dingle advises people to use a natural roll on deodorant instead.

There are also calls for better awareness of the risks of aerosol deodorants including putting the risks on the front of the cans like on cigarette and alcohol products.

Our natural roll-on deodorants are ultra gentle and do not contain pore-clogging Aluminum. Instead, they are made with natural actives that really work.

The safe natural earth minerals and plant extracts work together to create the best natural deodorant without the use of pore-clogging Aluminium. These ingredients absorb smells and suppress odour production, whilst also soothing and balancing the skin.

Natural roll-on deodorants

We use Zinc ricinoleate together with a solution of Ammonium alum in our range of six roll-on deodorants. With organic floral waters such as Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint, these are available in ranges for men, women and teenagers.

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