Discover the skin secrets of facial oils
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Discover the skin secrets of facial oils

Getting your skin healthy, clear and vibrant is a delicate balancing act, involving not just skin care, but also diet, lifestyle and your environment. If you feel like you’re doing everything right but just aren’t seeing the results you want from your skin, you could be missing a vital piece of your skin care puzzle.

By Alexandra Julian

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One product that causes a bit of confusion in the world of skin care is facial oil, with many people asking: ‘is facial oil right for my skin type?’

Getting your skin healthy, clear and vibrant is a delicate balancing act, involving not just skin care, but also diet, lifestyle and your environment. If you feel like you’re doing everything right but just aren’t seeing the results you want from your skin, you could be missing a vital piece of your skin care puzzle.

We’re here to reassure you that ANY skin type could benefit from a few daily drops of facial oil. From sensitive to oily and from dry to acne-prone, a high quality oil made with nourishing plant extracts could be the thing that your skin has been waiting for.

What is facial oil?

Good face oil contains high quality, pure ingredients derived from organic sources that are rich in skin-loving natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to nourish, protect and invigorate your skin.

One of the main benefits of using a facial oil is its ability to naturally fight the signs of skin ageing. A blend of ultra-nourishing fruit, seed and flower oils works together to create a complete anti-ageing solution that works long-term to reduce wrinkles, boost skin elasticity and promote a youthful glow.


Ingredients to look for in your facial oil 

A product that contains a blend of oils is ideal as you get the benefits from many different plants, rather than just one set of benefits from a single plant. The skill is in creating blends of oils that provide a wide range of nutrients whist retaining a light, easily-absorbed skin feel. Here are just some of the amazing natural ingredients you should look out for when choosing your perfect oil.

  • Jojoba – Jojoba seed oil is actually a liquid wax that very closely matches the fatty acid profile found in sebum - the skin’s natural lubricant and moisturiser. Jojoba can soften hardened sebum that blocks your pores, helping to balance skin oil levels and de-congest your skin.
  • Avocado – with a wide range of nutrients including 11 vitamins and 14 minerals, Avocado oil contains powerful antioxidants to fight off free radicals and helps to naturally promote collagen production for firm, smooth skin that looks younger.
  • Rosehip - extracted from the seeds of the Musk Rose, Rosehip oil has well documented anti-ageing benefits, helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. This ingredient is perfect for acne sufferers as it can help to reduce scarring from old blemishes.
  • Lecithin – plant derived natural emollient, this gives a wonderful silky skin feel that glides easily over the skin surface. It helps other oils to penetrate the outer layer of the skin and reduces moisture loss to maintain skin hydration.


Whilst Green People's organic facial oils draw on a blend of beautiful natural ingredients, other facial oils differ greatly in quality, ingredients and efficacy.

Many high street cosmetic brands use petrochemical ingredients such as Paraffinum liquidum and silicones including Dimethicone to give their oils a ‘light skin-feel’. In addition, they often contain synthetic fragrances and colourants which are the leading cause of skin irritation and reactions.

Synthetic compounds such as BHT and BHA are used as antioxidants but have been linked to adverse health issues and are environmentally toxic.

Why facial oil even works for combination and spot-prone skin

Many acne sufferers would shudder at the thought of adding more oil onto their congested skin. Having spent years being told that oil is the enemy and using harsh products that will dry out their spots, people with oily or spot-prone complexions have often avoided facial oils completely.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people prone to breakouts and acne can make. Drying the skin with harsh chemicals and stripping its natural oils causes the skin to fall out of balance; it then produces more oil to try and stabilise itself, which can lead to blocked pores and even more spots.

One of the best ways to combat spots is to ‘fight oil, with oil’. By using 1-2 drops of non-greasy, organic facial oil before bed, you can rebalance your skin and start combating spots effectively without harsh, drying chemicals.

When should I apply facial oil?

Layering skin care effectively is an essential way to get the full benefits from each product you use. Think of it like layering your clothes; you wouldn’t wear your T-shirt over your waterproof jacket and it’s just the same with skin care!

Facial oils work by creating a protective layer that seals moisture into your skin and by providing nourishing vitamins and minerals. This provides great protection against the skin ageing effects of factors such as traffic pollution and cigarette smoke, however any product applied after your oil won’t be able to deliver its full benefits and will be partly wasted.

Wastage also occurs if you don’t regularly exfoliate your skin to remove the build up of dead skin cells. This accumulation blocks the nutrients in your skin care from penetrating to the living cells beneath, meaning you won’t be getting the best from your products.

Always apply your serum, toner or moisturiser before applying your facial oil to get the maximum goodness from each product.

Make your own primer with facial oil

Many mainstream primers contain silicones, a type of plastic which works by smoothing the skin’s surface to create an even finish under your make-up. This is like wrapping your skin in cling film, preventing it from breathing which is one of the major causes of skin irritation.

For a natural, non-pore clogging primer, combine a tiny amount of facial oil with our Hydrating Firming Serum and apply all over your face. This clever combination locks in moisture whilst keeping your make-up fresh and in place all day. 

Both our facial oils are suitable for all skin types, but depending on what your skin needs most take a look below to help you decide which oil is best for you.

Our Anti-Ageing Facial Oil rejuvenates, plumps and deeply nourishes the skin whilst being light, non-greasy and suitable for all skin types, including acne skin as well as skin in need of a youth-boost. Containing ten gorgeous plant oils including Rosehip, Avocado and Almond, this oil is 99.9% organic and rich in omega fatty acids to support the structure of your skin leaving it silky smooth.

Favourite of actress and anti-ageing guru Glynis Barber, our Age Defy+ Cell Enrich Facial Oil is the ultimate luxury skin-treat. Containing a synergistic blend of twenty beauty-enhancing actives including Pomegranate, Perilla and Cranberry, this oil works to revive and illuminate your skin for a youthful you. Our rich, yet light organic oil is quickly absorbed, delivering a powerful dose of skin nutrients, antioxidants and organic actives to restore elasticity to the skin and promote cell regeneration.

Glynis loves to use this anti-ageing must-have combined with our Age Defy+ Hydrate & Renew Serum to keep her skin looking clear, youthful and vibrant.

Shop organic facial oils and complementary products


Which facial oil is right for me? For more information on which facial oil to choose please get in touch by emailing or giving one of our friendly customer care team a call on 01403 740350

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