Northern Truffle: the ultimate magical skin care mushroom
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Northern Truffle: the super-soothing skin care mushroom

Have you heard of the truffle skin care boom? There are many species of fungi and some offer phenomenal benefits for the skin. One type of mushroom that has impressed our cosmetic scientists is the Northern Truffle, a mushroom skin care ingredient with proven benefits for all skin types, and especially those with sensitive or compromised skin.

By Hannah Mepham

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Have you heard of the truffle skin care boom? There are many species of fungi and some offer phenomenal benefits for the skin.

One type of mushroom that has impressed our cosmetic scientists is the Northern Truffle (Albatrellus Confluens), a mushroom skin care ingredient with proven benefits for all skin types, and especially those with sensitive or compromised skin.

So, should you try a truffle face cream? Find out what you can expect from this soothing mushroom with our guide to the benefits of truffle beauty products.


Why mushroom skin care?

Mushrooms are known to be rich in antioxidants, copper, potassium, beta glucan and vitamin B (riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid) but can mushroom skin care really boost our beauty?

According to scientists it can! Research has found some species of fungi are rich in antioxidant properties needed to help slow skin ageing. Trendy truffles don’t just taste great; some have been shown to contain skin nutrients that support a strong skin barrier and beautifully soft skin.


Truffle mushroom


Truffle benefits for skin

Northern Truffle is a brilliant example of a mushroom that’s bursting with skin benefits.

Found in Finnish forests, this skin care truffle is rich in phenols which have strong antioxidant properties and Grifolin that help to ease skin discomfort and prevent the sensation of itching.




This makes a truffle face cream an excellent choice for those with sensitive or damaged skin, and for using after shaving or sun exposure.

Northern Truffle has even been shown by clinical trials to be a neuro-soother that extends the feel-good zone of stressed and irritated skin. It does so by inhibiting receptors in the skin responsible for inflammation, irritation, and pain.


4 tremendous Northern Truffle benefits for skin:

  • Reduces discomfort by instantly soothing skin
  • Increases skin tolerance to irritants to prevent hypersensitivity
  • Augments the pain threshold and reduces the perception of stinging, itching, and burning 
  • Protects against infrared stress by suppressing skin reddening and inflammatory reaction


Northern Truffle          Northern Truffle


FUN FUNGI FACT: Northern Truffle has remarkable properties and works through thick layers of ice to operate as a control centre for the conifers that grow in enchanting Finnish forests, helping trees to communicate and feed.

These powerful properties make these magical mushrooms an ideal skin neuro-soother for extending the feel-good zone of stressed and irritated skin.

Video: benefits of Northern Truffle

Is truffle skin care sustainable?

Yes. Another reason not to overlook the Northern Truffle when you do your next skin care shop is that this forest-find is a sustainably sourced skin care active.


northern lights


Wild harvested under the magical glow of the Northern Lights, this mushroom organism is present in the soil in mycelium form.

This means it can reproduce and the mushroom population is not harmed so you can balance your skin without compromising the balance of the planet.


How do you use a truffle face cream?

As Northern Truffle is rich in skin soothing benefits, it should be applied daily to support a strong and healthy skin barrier.


Truffle Cream


Help your skin to discover its night-time comfort zone by smoothing Nordic Roots Truffle Night Cream onto freshly cleansed skin in the evening and leaving to sink into the skin overnight.

Northern Truffle Customer Review

Shop natural truffle skin care

Our natural truffle face cream blends Ceramides and Hemp Seed Oil with the indulgent Northern Truffle to provide a nourishing feast of skin actives that gently soothes and protects against irritation and tightness.

Use this soothing, moisturising night cream enriched with to help restore, protect and balance the skin’s barrier.



The Truffle Night Cream is part of our Nordic Roots capsule collection of conscious beauty products.

This unisex range is packed with actives derived from the Scandinavian region that deliver pure skin benefits. It features 5 Scandi-inspired skin care products that are designed to be used in tandem to balance and protect the skin.

Discover the complete Nordic Roots range.


Your Nordic Roots routine

For a complete evening skin routine, first purify the skin with a cleanser or face wash. 

Restore the skin’s balance after cleansing by applying a few drops of Nordic Roots Hyaluronic Booster Serum whilst the skin is still slightly damp.

Once this has been absorbed, apply a light layer of Nordic Roots Truffle Night Cream, tapping this into the skin to encourage absorption.



If you’d like more information about our truffle face cream or any other of our natural beauty products, our friendly UK customer care team is happy to help. Please contact us on 01403 740350.


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