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The clean, conscious values of Scandi skin care

26/01/2021 — By Hannah Mepham

The clean, conscious values of Scandi skin care

One of the many things that the Scandinavians do well is live a calm, content and conscious lifestyle. Here we share how our brand founder’s Danish heritage influenced our Scandi skin care brand Nordic Roots, and explain why this skin-calming collection is so good for the mind, body and soul.


What is Scandi skin care?

Ever wanted to give your skin a breather without stripping it of the product support it needs to stay healthy and hydrated? Well, that’s what our Nordic Roots skin care range delivers.

A fresh take on skin care that embodies the Nordic spirit, our Scandi skin care routine is natural, concentrated with calmingly pure ingredients and stylishly streamlined.

Made without synthetic fragrances that can overpower the skin, Nordic Roots provides a capsule of bare-beauty products that work in tandem to target complexion concerns and envelop the skin in a fresh, harmonious feeling of hygge.




A distinctively Danish Scandi skin care brand

Nordic Roots pays homage to our founder’s heritage and reflects her Danish values.

PURITY: Denmark has a reputation for being one of the cleanest, eco-friendly countries in the world. As such, it comes as no surprise that our Nordic Roots range has no time for incomprehensible, lengthy ingredients lists or artificial, unnatural actives.

EFFICIENCY: All Nordic Roots INCI lists are short, straightforward and transparent, each eco-conscious plant extract works in synergy to help skin absorb and maximise the goodness of Nordic nature.

MINDFUL: The Nordic Roots range is not a routine to be rushed. The compact collection gives you time to enjoy skin care and the concentrated formulas mean you only need to use a little to reap rewards. Apply slowly and surely for a truly Scandi skin care experience.


Discover Nordic Roots skin care

Nordic Roots Apple Complex Moisturiser 50ml

Nordic Roots Apple Complex Moisturiser 50ml

A deeply hydrating face cream to restore, protect and balance


Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam 150ml

Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam 150ml

A natural, foaming face wash with micellar cleansing action for clear skin


Nordic Roots Hyaluronic Booster Serum 28ml

Nordic Roots Hyaluronic Booster Serum 28ml

A natural, scent free serum with hyaluronic acid for calm, dewy skin


Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil 28ml

Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil 28ml

A nutritious elixir to boost collagen production for glowing skin



Which Nordic skin care actives do we use?

Our ingredients glossary is the ultimate guide to our natural formulations, but here we share a snapshot of some of the Scandinavian actives used to create our Nordic Roots range.

  • Atlantic Seaweed gently plumps collagen supplies to fade fine line and wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic acid provides the wave of hydration that dull, dry skin needs to feel fresh and firm
  • Cranberry extract delivers the antioxidant protection that skin needs to defend against free radical damage
  • Apple Cellular Complex cushions the skin by boosting elasticity and delivering a gentle hydrating cleanse
  • Sugar Beet brightens the complexion with hydrating amino acids
  • Hop flowers help uneven skin tones to blossom by targeting hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Glycerin seals hydration into the skin to protects against dryness
  • Oat Kernel extract nourishes with vitamin E and soothes redness and irritation

5 steps to Scandi skin contentment

It is not just Scandinavian skin care that is good for you! A dose of Danish living can do wonders for skin, mind and stress levels. Try our tips for Scandi skin contentment and see how your skin responds to a gentler, greener lifestyle.


Stress and anxiety take their toll on the skin and a good way to combat this is to savour positive moments. Whether you’ve squirreled away 5 minutes of self-care time or received a compliment on the glow that shows on your skin after using your Apple Complex Moisturiser, embrace and enjoy these little things.


Clutter can congest the mind and the skin! If it’s a sense of calmness that you seek, reflect on your daily routine and see if there’s any where you can streamline.


Time spent in the great outdoors is great for giving skin and mind a healthy boost! Danes love to hike and cycle and getting your heartbeat up on a woodland walk can boost your circulation and give skin a fresher feel.


Healthy skin needs time to breathe and purging unnatural chemicals from your beauty products can help it to do this. Taking time out can also help to give your skin and mind some clarity so, clear the diary and prioritise some Scandi self-care.


Another huge aspect of Danish culture is reflecting on routine and embracing change. Explore your adventurous side and see if your skin benefits from something new. Whether it’s a new hobby or switching to a Hyaluronic acid serum, going out of your comfort zone can give you a great confidence boost.


Will you be making the switch to a Scandi skin care brand? For help starting your Nordic Roots regime, please contact our customer care team on 01403 740350 or talk to us on social @GreenPeopleUK.