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Top vegan beauty gift ideas

Shopping for a vegan beauty gift set? In this vegan skin care gift guide you’ll find plenty of inspiration for ethical, cruelty-free beauty gifts. 

By Hannah Mepham

3 Minute read

Shopping for a vegan beauty gift set? In this vegan skin care gift guide you’ll find plenty of inspiration for ethical, cruelty-free beauty gifts. 

Vegan beauty gifts for her

For a verified vegan beauty gift for her, choose the Heritage Beauty Trio. This ready-to-wrap vegan beauty box set is presented in a floral-themed gift box and contains three of our most popular day-to-night vegan skin treats, Gentle CleanseVita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream and Fruitful Nights Night Cream.

The Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream regularly tops our vegan skin care top-seller chart and is loved for its naturally fresh scent and for the long-lasting, skin-softening hydration that it provides.

When combined with Fruitful Nights Night Cream, its hydration power is intensified and come morning, skin has a fresh, firm touch and a vibrant glow.

Beauty gifts for vegan teens

Recent news reports suggest that as many as 150,000 young people aged 15-24 identify as vegan[i] and if you’re looking for vegan beauty gifts for teens, we can help.

Our best gift set for teenage vegans is the Oy! Skin Goals Gift Set. The trio of products in this skin-balancing natural skin care set are all approved by the Vegan Society.

They create a 3-step routine that balances the complexion with spot-fighting actives including Green Tea, Willow Bark, Prebiotics and Tea Tree.

How to be sure your gift is vegan

Look for the Vegan Society logo and you can be sure that you are choosing a certified vegan beauty gift that contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Vegan Society

Vegan xmas wellbeing gifts

In addition to vegan beauty gifts, we also offer a wellbeing range. Our Alexandra Kay wellbeing collection is entirely vegan and is great for gifting and for vegan self-care.

The vegan essential oil blends are particularly popular and feature natural and organic scent blends to support various states of wellbeing. These can be purchased individually, or you can save £15 when you purchase all blends three as a self-care gift set.

Shop all vegan wellbeing gifts

Vegan hand cream gifts

If you’re looking for alternative vegan gifts to vegan chocolate and sweets, consider hand cream. An ever-useful gift, our natural and organic hand cream contains nourishing ingredients such Shea Butter and plant-derived Squalane and is beautifully scented with essential oils.

Would you like more information about our vegan beauty gifts? Our UK customer care team is available to help you with your Christmas shopping and can be contacted on 01403 740350 or on social @GreenPeopleUK.

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