What are the 2023 beauty trends?
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What are the 2023 beauty trends?

Want to know which beauty ingredients will be buzzwords in 2023? In this article we look at the predicted skin care and beauty trends for 2023 and ask Green People’s brand founder, Charlotte Vøhtz, which trends she thinks are worth trying.

By Hannah Mepham

9 Minute read

Want to know which beauty ingredients will be buzzwords in 2023?

In this article we look at the predicted skin care and beauty trends for 2023 and ask Green People’s brand founder, Charlotte Vøhtz, which trends she thinks are worth trying.


Streamlined routines

What’s the trend? Country and Townhouse featured skinimalism (skin + minimalism) and multi-use products in their article 10 skin care trends we expect to see in 2023.

With Stylist magazine also predicting that we’ll be breaking up with overly complicated routines by embracing a  quiet quitting’ skin care trend in 2023, it seems that simple routines that are customised to your skin’s needs are here to stay.

Charlotte says:

Skinimalism is definitely a beauty trend to try in 2023. Using too many competing actives and overcomplicating your skin care routines risks weakening the effectiveness of your products and overwhelming your pores.

“That said, there are some beauty products that you should never skimp on. A good SPF moisturiser should be part of every skinimalist routine. Cleansing and exfoliating regularly is also key for supporting skin turnover rate.

 As UK skin care and beauty routines shrink in size, it’s also a great time incorporate hard-working, multi-purpose products into your beauty routine.”


Try the trend with:

One Balm: Discover a skinimalist superhero in One Balm, our multi-use balm that combines skin-barrier repair actives with nourishing plant oils.

Highly concentrated, you only need to use a little at a time for soothing dry skin, supporting barrier repair or for cuticle care. Alternatively, use One Balm in your make-up routine to smooth brows and add a natural sheen to lips.



Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturisers: Support your skinimalist routine with skin care/make-up hybrid heroes such as our Tinted DD Moisturisers.

These blend effective SPF with potent anti-ageing actives and natural earth minerals to deliver an even skin glow whilst helping to shield against sunlight.



Barrier repair

According to OK magazine, barrier repair skin care is also expected to see a boom.

With Google reporting 1,000 searches for “skin barrier repair” per month – an increase of 108% on last year  – who are we to disagree?


Skin Barrier Repair


Charlotte says:

“As specialists in sensitive skin, barrier repair is a 2023 beauty trend we are excited to see, and we think everyone should embrace it.

“Key to a healthy, balanced skin barrier is feeding skin exactly what it needs to repair and rejuvenate itself and, already achieving 3,600 searches a month, ceramides are something we believe that UK shoppers will want more of in 2023!

Another skin barrier repair active that we hope to see more of in 2023 is Northern Truffle a mushroom skin care ingredient with proven benefits for all skin types, especially those with sensitive or compromised skin.”


Try the trend with:

Skin Barrier Support Set: To make it easy to look after your skin barrier in 2023, we’ve created a skin barrier repair routine exclusively for January 2023.

It has been curated to comfort all skin types with moisture-retaining and reparative actives that help the strengthen the skin barrier’s ability to protect against dryness and external skin aggressors.



Worth £107 and beautifully presented in an organic cotton canvas bag, you’ll save £37 and unlock free standard UK delivery when you shop our organic Skin Barrier Support set before 31st January 2023.


Explore skin barrier repair in more detail.



Stylist says that ‘glowy skin’ searches are reportedly up 40% year on year on Pinterest and another social media trend that’s been slithering onto our radar is slugging.

 A form of barrier-support skin care that’s trending on TikTok, advocates of slugging believe that by layering petroleum-based products on their skin at night, they’ll defend against dryness and wake to dewy soft skin.

Charlotte says:

Slugging is not a beauty trend that we advocate. The reason for this is that petroleum products are known to work like cling film on the skin and prevent it from breathing. Using thick layers of product at night can also clog pores and limit the skin’s ability to perform its detoxing, reparative processes.

“A better way to use beauty balms is to use them to soothe and comfort sore, dry skin and if you’re considering using a barrier balm on your skin, you might want to try One Balm, our multi-purpose beauty balm. This can be used to soothe dry skin anyway and is 100% petroleum free. We use natural waxes and plant actives with soothing, healing properties that help the skin to feel soft, nourished and protected.

“If it’s a morning skin glow that you want to achieve, consider applying an intensely hydrating overnight mask like Age Defy+ Hydra Glow Sleep Mask, our collagen-support leave on mask for fresh, firm skin.”



Little lifts

According to the trend experts at Mintel, ritualistic beauty will be a popular 2023 beauty trend as we continue to look after skin and soul with soothing self-care practices that can performed at home.

Charlotte says:

Good balance and good skin go hand in hand and using skin care infused with pure essential oils is a great way to relax the mind as you pamper the skin. Green People’s natural wellbeing collection with Alexandra Kay was made for ‘me time moments’ and is ideal for giving this trend a try.

“The latest addition to this collection is Time to Restore Magnesium Lotion. Ideal for use just before bed, it blends hydrating, calming actives with a blissful scent of 10 pure essential oils chosen for their relaxing properties.

“Facial massage techniques are another way to incorporate wellbeing into your beauty routine and Gua Sha facial massage tools continue to be a popular purchase."


Try the trend:

Time to Restore: Unwind and relax with Alexandra Kay's replenishing body lotion, enhanced with the vital mineral Magnesium and CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional to reduce and soothe muscle tension.



Gua Sha: Give your skin a little lift with Revitalising Skin Gym, our Gua Sha skin routine that combines a facial massage tool with our Anti-Ageing Facial Oil and Hydrating Firming Serum.



Vitamin Sea

Pinterest searches for Green Algae are on the up and Pinterest predicts that we'll be supplementing our skin health with superfoods from the sea in 2023.

Charlotte says:

Seaweeds like Green Algae are rich in antioxidants, minerals and polysaccharides and are ideal for providing the skin with nourishment and intense hydration.

When growing up in Denmark, my mother would take me sea swimming and then rub in my skin in seaweed harvested fresh from the shoreline to lock this antioxidant algae’s rich nutrient content into my skin.


Try the trend with:

Beauty Boost Skin Restore: Green Marine Macro Algae delivers intense hydration to deeper skin tissues so that skin feels soft and comfortable. We use this mineral-rich ingredient in Beauty Boost.

This intensely moisturising facial cream blends the green marine algae Enteromorpha Compressa with Wakame seaweed.

Once applied to the skin, these antioxidant-rich seaweed skin care ingredients work in synergy at a cellular level to replenish radiance and counteract free radical damage.

Apply to clean skin once a week or whenever skin needs an intense hydration boost and you’ll soon see the difference that this marine-powered face cream can make to the skin.




Which 2023 beauty trend would you like to try? Our UK customer care team is available to help you to choose the right trending skin care products for you and can be contacted on 01403 740350.

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