Why does Magnesium lotion sting or tingle?

Why does Magnesium lotion sting or tingle?

Do some Magnesium lotions cause your skin to sting, itch or tingle? Here we discuss why some Magnesium lotions might give a stinging or tingling sensation and introduce a Magnesium lotion that is especially designed for sensitive skin.

By Hannah Mepham

5 Minute read

Do some Magnesium lotions cause your skin to sting, itch or tingle?

Here we discuss why some Magnesium lotions might give a stinging or tingling sensation and introduce a Magnesium lotion that is especially designed for sensitive skin.

Why does Magnesium cause skin to tingle?

Does using Magnesium body care cause your skin to sting? There’s lot of theories that explain why some people find Magnesium products sting the skin and in 2019, the schools of thought on this topic were discussed in an article published on the wellbeing website wellandgood.com.

This article outlined how some experts believe that Magnesium body care products sting the skin if the body’s cellular Magnesium levels are low. Others believe that it the pH of Magnesium is incompatible with the pH of human skin, and this causes a sensation of skin irritation.


Skin sensitivity can be triggered by all kinds of factors and if you are unsure whether your skin can tolerate a skin care ingredient, the best advice we can give is to conduct a patch test before using any new products or ingredients.

If you know that skin drying alcohols irritate your skin, we also suggest that you avoid using Magnesium lotions that contain Ethanol or Ethyl alcohol.

Whilst effective at helping to transport large molecules through the skin, these alcohols are known to evaporate on contact with the skin, stripping away beneficial skin oils and leaving the skin vulnerable to dryness and irritation.

Discover a Magnesium lotion for sensitive skin

If topical Magnesium products, such as Magnesium creams, oils and lotions, tend to make your sensitive skin tingle, there is a way to benefit from Magnesium body care without trigging the sting of skin sensitivity.

We have formulated Alexandra Kay Time to Restore Magnesium Lotion with the specific intention of it being suitable for sensitive skin. We add Omega-rich Hemp Seed Oil and CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional, an extract from Patchouli that activates the body’s CB2 cannabinoid receptors to provide remarkable calming and comforting benefits.

Time to Restore

Comforting Hemp Seed Oil is an excellent natural emollient and moisturiser. It reduces discomfort by soothing and restoring dry or damaged skin and increasing the skin’s natural moisture-retention capacity.

CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional is suitable for all skin types and is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Used in our Alexandra Kay body care products this soothing active provides the following benefits:

  • Calms discomfort by relaxing and soothing the skin
  • Reduces skin irritation and itchiness
  • Improves skin barrier function to protect against irritation

Will using a Magnesium lotion make my skin dry?

Some people find that Magnesium body care products leave their skin feeling and dry and tight.

Time to Restore is a non-drying Magnesium body lotion and, to support skin from the inside out, Green People infuses it with a hydrating moisture matrix of Red Algae and Amylopectin.

These work in synergy with a base oil blend of nourishing plant oils to lock in intense hydration, enhance skin barrier function and help Magnesium to be transported through the skin without causing a stinging sensation or discomfort.


Charlotte Vøhtz

Charlotte Vøhtz created Time to Restore Magnesium Lotion with her late daughter, Alexandra Kay. She said:

“My daughter used Magnesium lotions to help her manage the muscle fatigue that she experienced. She found that many of the lotions and sprays available would sting and dry her skin.

“When we formulated Time to Restore, she was adamant that apart from replenishing the body’s cellular Magnesium levels, the lotion would need to deliver skin comfort on several levels – hydration, skin calming and building barrier function.

“By blending a moistening matrix of Red Algae and Rice we help facilitate the delivery of Magnesium through the skin and I’m so proud that this soothing lotion achieves Alexandra Kay’s goal of providing soothing skin comfort for everyone.”

How to apply Magnesium lotion

We suggest gently rubbing Time to Restore Magnesium Body Lotion into slightly damp skin, shortly after bathing with a pH-balanced body wash.

Showering or bathing the skin opens the pores and, having freshly washed, well-hydrated skin makes it easier for Magnesium to penetrate through the skin barrier.


Are you looking for a soothing Magnesium lotion that doesn’t irritate or sting? You can purchase our Alexandra Kay Time To Restore Magnesium Lotion online or, if you have further questions, please contact our friendly UK customer care team on 01403 740350.

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