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Easy ways to care for dry hair

03/02/2014 by Alexandra

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This guide helps you to find out how to deal with dry hair. We take a look at why hair can become dry and dull, and offer tips and advice on what you can do to get gorgeously glossy, soft and healthy hair.

Why does my hair look so dull and dry?

Dull and dry hair usually looks that way because it needs a bit of TLC. When hair lacks moisture, it becomes less protected and more vulnerable to damage, often leading to breaking and split ends. The surface of the hairs becomes uneven and the light doesn't bounce off very well – which is why your hair doesn't look shiny or glossy.

" A lack of moisture leads to damaged and uneven hair, which light doesn't reflect off evenly "

Curly hair can also tend towards being dry because the curl forces a layer of the hair outwards, leaving it more open to dehydration. Those who are lucky enough to have curly hair need to take extra-special care to treat it well in order to make the best of it.

Is there anything I can do about dry hair?

Yes, there is plenty you can do about your dry hair. The most important thing to remember is to give your hair lots of moisture and avoid anything which could dry it out further.

  • Wash your hair only once or twice a week using our Intensive Repair Shampoo, which is filled with nourishing plant proteins to strengthen dry, damaged hair
  • Condition your hair whenever you wash it with Intensive Repair Conditioner. This will help to repair your hair and promote shine
  • Do a special ‘deep condition’ every few weeks by leaving Intensive Repair Conditioner in your hair for half an hour or so before rinsing thoroughly. You can also wrap you’re a hot towel around your head as this will intensify the treatment
  • When you rinse, use lukewarm and then cool water. This will help the hair cuticle to close and decrease frizziness for a smoother look
  • Gently towel your hair and let it drip dry instead of blow drying
  • Try not to use any styling products or colour on your hair. This will make your hair even drier and damage it further. Use a little Argan or Jojoba oil if your hair is extremely dry
  • Have your hair trimmed regularly to get rid of those split ends. Once the hair is split it can’t be fixed so the only option is to have it cut
  • Drink plenty of water and enjoy a healthy diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables and make sure you get Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, fresh, oily fish are good sources or try Flaxseed oil mixed in a smoothie or on your salad. Not only will doing so give your body what it needs to keep you well, you’ll also be giving your skin and hair a helping hand

Best natural hair products for dry hair


As already mentioned, we highly recommend our Intensive Repair Shampoo and Intensive Repair Conditioner if you have dry hair. Organic Green Tea and Aloe Vera, along with nourishing plant proteins and balancing Rose Geranium oil, work natural miracles on hair shafts, leaving hair glossy and lustrous.

Our organic shampoos and conditioners are kind to dry hair as they do not contain harsh, drying and irritating ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and alcohol (ethyl alcohol/ethanol), just pure, natural goodness.

Intensive Repair Shampoo 200ml

Intensive Repair Shampoo 200ml

Strengthening shampoo for coloured or dry hair

Intensive Repair Conditioner 200ml

Intensive Repair Conditioner 200ml

Shine-boosting conditioner for coloured or dry hair


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