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Make-up tips to make you look younger

06/08/2018 by Hannah

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make up tips for mature skin

Years of life experience bring with them a special kind of confidence but does your make-up match your poise?

It’s all too easy to stick to what you know but trying out new make-up tricks can make an incredible difference to the appearance of your skin. Here we reveal our age-defying make-up tips to make you look younger.


As we age, our skin starts to wrinkle and because less sebum is produced it can also appear dry and dull. This can affect the way that make-up sits on this skin but completing the following prep steps can help to create the perfect base for your make-up.


Make-up should be applied to clean skin so ensure you cleanse both at morning and night using a cleansing balm or cream.


Moisture evaporates faster in mature skin leaving it vulnerable to dehydration and making fine lines appear more pronounced. To keep your skin well hydrated drink plenty of water and apply a moisturiser rich in plant actives such as Squalane.


Applying a primer creates a shield between your skin and your make-up and will help your make-up glide on evenly and stay put. Combining our Hydrate & Renew Serum with our wrinkle reducing Cell Enrich Facial Oil creates the perfect primer.


Apply your foundation before any other make-up and gradually build the colour by blending it in using your fingers, a make-up sponge or a foundation brush.

When choosing your foundation, opt for one designed for mature skin such as Green People’s SPF15 Tinted DD Moisturiser. Made with Sea Fennel stem cells, it helps stimulate cell renewal, reduces the appearance of age spots and keeps the skin hydrated and glowing.


Once you have blended your foundation, fix it in place by applying a pressed mineral foundation with a Kabuki Brush.

Apply in downward strokes, starting with the left cheek before moving to the right cheek then the T-zone, nose and chin. This action will help buff the foundation into the skin and prevent tide-marks from appearing around the jaw line.

For additional staying power, seal your make-up in place with a spritz of Hydrating Toning Mist.

  • Kabuki brush

    Kabuki Brush

    Vegan make-up brush for applying pressed powders



The skin around our eyes is delicate and can be more prone to puffiness and dark circles as we age. To reduce puffiness, incorporate our Rejuvenating Eye Cream into your night-time skin care regime. A healthy, nourished eye area will mean you will not need to apply concealer.

Applying bold or matte colours to the eyelids can be ageing and may expose creases around the upper eye. Instead opt for subtle, illuminating pale pink and light brown shades that warm your complexion.

Before applying an eyeshadow, prime your lids with a smoothing serum such as our Hydrating Firming Serum, then apply your lightest eyeshadow first, sweeping it across eyelid and up towards the eyebrow. Apply darker colours to the outer corner of your eye and along the crease, then blend the two colours together.

Finish your look by applying our Volumising Mascara. To draw attention away from dark circles, try applying a black mascara to the top lashes and a more subtle brown mascara to the lower lashes.


If your skin is affected by redness or rosacea you might be inclined to avoid blusher but applying a small amount of well-blended blusher to your cheeks can help prevent your skin from looking dull.  Read more make-up tips for rosacea.

For a flattering colour that suits all skin types, opt for a cool-toned mineral-based product such as our Mineral Blush in Rose. To apply it, smile and use a very small amount of pigment on the “apples” of your cheeks. Blend the colour out toward your temples using circular brushing motions.


The last step in your make-up routine should be your lipstick. Bold dark colours will make lips appear fine but applying a primer and neutral shade will give the appearance of fuller, plumper lips.

Wrinkles in the upper lip can be a sign of dehydration so be sure to support skin hydration and elasticity by incorporating our Age Defy+ Line Eraser Lip & Eye serum into your skin care routine.

How do you use make-up for younger looking skin? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK or by commenting in the section below.

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