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Why organic sun lotion?

11/02/2014 by Alexandra

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This guide offers you information on the reasons for and benefits of using an organic sun lotion. More and more people are eating organic food and using natural health remedies but don't realise that the same should apply to their skin care and still buy high street sun lotions without considering what goes into them.


We believe you should be aware of exactly what you are putting on your skin so you can feel safe knowing your sun care products won't harm your skin, health or environment.

You can stay protected naturally and enjoy summer with confidence that your sun care is gentle yet effective. Our natural sun care range is made with over 80% organic ingredients and contains a natural UVA and UVB protection complex.

Our organic sun lotions are suited to sensitive skin and prickly heat sufferers as they are free from parabens and potential irritants like silicones, drying alcohol and methylisothiazolinone which are found in most of the high street sun lotions.

" Up to 60% of a substance can be absorbed through the skin, and sun lotions can be full of chemical nasties which can enter the skin, block the pores causing prickly heat and also damage marine life such as corals. "


One of the only natural sun lotion ranges available in the UK, we carefully select ingredients to produce the most effective organic sunscreens that nature can offer.

An expert blend of earth minerals sits on the surface of the skin to naturally bounce away harmful UVA & UVB rays, whilst a filter derived from Cinnamon and the mountain flower Edelweiss, which has developed a natural defence against UV light, neutralise UV rays to offer broad-spectrum protection.


Natural Beeswax and Berry wax provide water resistance in our sun lotions without blocking pores, enabling you to enjoy a refreshing swim and giving little ones the freedom to splash about whilst still being protected from the harmful effects of the sun.


Our organic sun lotions can help you to get a gorgeous natural glow, quickly and safely. An extract from the Carob tree in our SPF15 sun lotion naturally stimulates melanin, increasing the appearance of a tan by up to 28%. This is not a self tan; it builds up your skin's own melanin levels.


Our gentle formulations are suitable for sensitive skinprickly heat and skin allergies. We don't use parabens, pore-clogging silicones and mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or skin-drying alcohol.

If you suffer from prickly heat, avoid waterproof sun lotions based on mineral oil and silicone; the effect is like wrapping your skin in cling film. See our guide to prickly heat for more information.


The moisturising properties of Aloe Vera and the aromatic resin Myrrh help you to keep a golden glow for longer. They also mean our organic sun lotions are easy to apply and reapply onto the skin, rubbing in quickly to offer peace-of-mind protection and helping you to keep a golden glow for longer. Meaning you can enjoy all the benefits the sunshine has to offer!


The sun can have a significant ageing effect on our skin. Our sun lotions contain natural antioxidants and skin vitamins A, C and E from Avocado, Green Tea and Rosemary extract which support your skin's immune system and protect against cell damage which causes premature ageing.


Research studies have reported that chemicals in many high street sun lotions are thought to mimic the effect of oestrogen and which can have a dramatic 'gender bending' effect on aquatic life. Research has also shown that UV filters in some mainstream sunscreens promote viral infections in coral reefs, potentially playing a huge role in coral bleaching, where the corals start to die.

As a 20 minute dip in the sea is enough to wash off 25% of your sun lotion. It is thought that up to 10% of the world’s coral reefs could be threatened by sunscreen-induced coral bleaching.* Several ingredients have been shown to cause this even at very low concentrations; oxybenzone (sunscreen), butylparaben (preservative), octinoxate (sunscreen) and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (sunscreen).

Our organic sun lotions do not contain any of these ingredients nor any other harsh or harmful chemicals so they’re biodegradable and safe for the seas, as well as your skin!

Read about our work with the Marine Conservation Society.

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Have you been affected by one of these skin reactions? Let us know by using #GreenYourRoutine on social, or leave us a comment below.

*Source: Study Commissioned by the European Commission, 2008 & can be found in Environmental Health Perspectives journal, 2008




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