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Why use an organic dog shampoo?

12/01/2021 — By Hannah Mepham

Why use an organic dog shampoo?

You might be used to using an organic shampoo for yourself or your family but what about for your canine companion? Here you can find out the benefits of choosing an organic dog shampoo.

Why buy a dedicated pet shampoo?

In the UK, pets aren’t just treated like a member of the family, they are family! However you should only ever wash your dog with a shampoo that’s natural and been tailored for them.

This is because some ingredients used in human bath care products may be toxic to pets and could irritate their skin or cause them to become poorly.


What is organic dog shampoo?

A certified organic dog shampoo has to meet certain criteria that prove it to be genuinely natural, eco-friendly and pet-safe.

Often plant-based and cruelty-free, organic pet shampoos cannot contain some of the synthetic ingredients that you might commonly find in non-organic pet shampoos.

AllPaws is Green People’s range of organic pet care products. Certified organic by the Organic Food Federation and approved by PETA, our animal bath care range is made with natural, non-irritating ingredients that gently cleanse and care for all breeds of dog and cat.


When formulating our pet care range we surveyed our customers and 80% of respondents said they’d consider choosing natural or organic pet grooming products. A further 79% said it was very important to them that their pet care products were non-toxic and non-irritating.


Why use organic dog shampoo?

  1. Safe and gentle. Certified organic dog shampoos are gentle on the skin and won't contain SLS, an ingredient that may disturb the delicate balance of the skin and cause dogs to itch and scratch.

  2. Good value for money. These non-irritating shampoos contain a high concentration of pure and natural ingredients which means that although they can often be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, they actually offer good value for money. You only need to use a little organic dog shampoo to get your pet’s coat clean, shiny and smelling great without exposing their skin and fur to harsh, synthetic ingredients.
  3. Great for their coat. With natural ingredients designed to boost coat condition, organic dog shampoos promote a healthy, clean coat without harsh chemicals.

Which is the best organic dog shampoo for my pet?

Much like humans different dogs can lead different lifestyles and can be prone to a variety of skin conditions. These not only differ from dog to dog but can vary depending on the breed of your pet.

Bouncy, longhaired dogs like Labradors and sprightly young Spaniels often love to splash in muddy puddles and need a deep-cleansing shampoo that gently detangles knots in their coats and freshens their smelly fur.

 An older, short-haired Bassett Hound might struggle with yeast infections and sensitive skin and may need a specialist dog shampoo that cleanses their sore skin without irritation and helps to manage bacterial odours.

To help you choose the best organic shampoo for your dog, allPaws products are naturally tailored to be suitable for all breeds of cat and dog.


An organic shampoo for active young pups

AllPaws Wild Mint Cleansing Shampoo freshens musty mongrel smells with a soothing blend of Mint and Eucalyptus bath bubbles which leave fur soft and fragrant without irritating delicate dog skin.

  • SLS-free and highly concentrated with animal-safe plant actives
  • Deep-cleansing
  • Fur-freshening mint aroma

allPaws Cleansing Dog Shampoo – Wild Mint 200ml

allPaws Cleansing Dog Shampoo – Wild Mint 200ml

An organic dog shampoo with natural freshening for mucky pups


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An organic shampoo for older dogs and delicate pet breeds

AllPaws Sensitive Shampoo is designed for dogs with sensitive skin it does not contain any fragrance. SLS-free and highly concentrated with animal-safe plant actives, it’s the kindest way to care for your sensitive pet.

  • Free from essential oils and non-irritating for sensitive skin
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Scent-free

allPaws Sensitive Dog Shampoo – Scent Free 200ml

allPaws Sensitive Dog Shampoo – Scent Free 200ml

A sensitive dog and puppy shampoo that won’t irritate pets with sensitive skin


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Why allPaws?

Using allPaws organic pet shampoo can have many benefits for both you and your dog

allPaws benefits for pets

  • Natural ingredients are pet-friendly and won’t cause skin irritation
  • Supports pet’s skin-balance and wellbeing
  • Deeply cleanses to leave pet’s skin and fur feeling clean and comfortable

allPaws benefits for humans

  • A cost-effective pet shampoo
  • The squeezy tubes are easy to use when bathing a dog
  • The gentle, SLS free formula won’t irritate your skin whilst you wash your pet
  • Deep-cleansing shampoo formulas leave pets smelling fresher
  • Washing pets with gentle skin care products helps to keep their coat healthy and free from irritants

allPaws benefits for the planet

  • AllPaws packaging is eco-friendly- our squeezy dog shampoo tubes are made from recyclable sugar cane plasic
  • AllPaws ingredients are ethically-sourced and the products do not contain endangered plants
  • The actives are organically farmed and support the health of the soil for future generations
  • If you wash your dog outdoors, allPaws products won’t damage the environment

See the full allPaws range of organic dog shampoos now.


Do you need help finding an organic bath product for your dog or cat? Contact our dedicated allPaws ‘yelp line’ on 01403 740350 or contact

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