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Are your products biodegradable?

01/05/2020 — By Alexandra Julian

Are your products biodegradable?

The majority of ingredients used in Green People formulations are 100% compatible with nature and biodegrade very readily. These include ingredients such as plant oils, herbal infusions, floral waters and essential oils.

The active and functional ingredients used in our products are all from natural sources and again biodegrade readily.  Examples are emulsifiers obtained from olive oil and palm oil, and foaming agents from coconut oil and corn oil. 

As well as being readily biodegradable, these ingredients are also environmentally-friendly. The preservative systems we use are also chosen because they have minimal environmental impact and are readily biodegradable. 

Our sun creams are biodegradable except for the Titanium Dioxide which since it is a mineral will not degrade. It is inert and will not react to anything else and is found all over the planet. Therefore it is not any danger at all to environmentally sensitive areas.

All the other ingredients are completely biodegradable and will degrade quite quickly.

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